Platform introduction

Aladdintop (aladdintop. Com) is a professional resource supply and demand and integration platform for sanitary products industry, which aims to provide domestic and foreign sanitary products enterprises, sanitary equipment and materials enterprises with resource elements integration services such as product supply and demand and promotion, enterprise technical problem solving, technology import and export. The platform focuses on the elements of industrial resources in the field of health products, achieves accurate matching through the interconnection of all things, establishes mutual recognition and trust mechanism, and realizes the symbiosis of industrial value.

Team Introduction

This is a team founded by industry elites. They are mechanical designers or engineers with decades of experience. They not only have rich experience in machine maintenance, but also have been working hard on machine development and the most advanced technology. In addition, we also cooperate with well-known universities in China for continuous innovation and R & D. We aim to establish long-term partnership with you by providing you with the best solutions for specific problems.

Platform culture


Become a service provider of global health product resource integration


A professional platform to really solve the dilemma of health products merchants (to maximize customer value)


Seek truth from facts, win win and high efficiency

Product Service

Social class (talent): go into the field of health products, let more people know you and interact with you

Social class (talent): go into the field of health products, let more people know you and interact with you

Social class (talent): go into the field of health products, let more people know you and interact with you

Platform advantages

Through the application research of the sanitary products industry, we will strive to overcome the technical difficulties in the industry, and improve the supply capacity of products and solutions through the continuous upgrading of technology

Improve quality

The platform gathers industry professionals, provides free supply and demand information release window and links to global health product industry information, opens up the industry information chain, and quickly matches the information channel between home supply and demand, so as to realize the efficient docking of health product enterprise

Increase efficienc

Eliminate the isolated island of industry information, improve the sharing and expansion of resource elements in the industry chain, build a virtuous cycle ecosystem, and realize data and business integration


Future prospects

Aladdin is committed to providing one-stop convenient services for domestic and foreign health products enterprises with the purpose of "truly solving the plight of health products entity merchants". The platform has the highest quality expert team in the industry. It can improve the efficiency and empowerment for the majority of users by building a highly automated and integrated data collection, calculation and management tool platform.