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Edana and INDA, the new standardization of nonwovens


Two major global nonwovens associations: Belgium-based Edana and US-based INDA —— have recently announced the 2021 version of the Standard Nonwovens Program (NWSP), including standard procedures for nonwovens and related industries.

It includes programs updated or modified whose numbering structure makes it possible to find and use documents intuitive. In addition, each method contains a page to summarize and track the relevant changes made to the document.To make all methods more consistent, each method is now presented in a format based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) model to facilitate future submission to the ISO in an effort to become an internationally recognized standard or technical specification.

According to Edana and INDA, simultaneous and unified languages in Europe and the US will facilitate consistent communication of product description, production, and testing globally.

Pierre Wiertz Edana CEO commented: " I am very pleased with the full review and update of the nonwovens standard procedures.They are the best global test methods for the industry.With this unique tool, Inda and Edana provide a rich common language for our members and the broader nonwovens community, with the goal of promoting their business and ultimately helping them develop solutions that better meet the needs of their users.”。

 Dave Rousse, president of Inda, said, " Standard procedure documents are designed to provide a range of standard methods to test the various properties required for nonwovens and industrial fabrics.It is an indispensable resource for product developers and innovators to communicate and ensure that their products meet the exact specifications required by the market and customers.On the other hand, lab staff will benefit from better access to the more comprehensive testing methods available in the industry.”

The methods included in the NWSP include 107 separate test procedures and guidelines to support applications in nonwovens and related industries, available on and


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