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Market development status and future development direction of mother and baby room


It is understood that the mother and baby room is called a breastfeeding room and is usually built in large public places, such as commercial complexes, transportation hubs, medical institutions, amusement parks, sports and education places, etc. It is convenient for the parents to take the baby out to take care of the lactating baby for nursing, lactation, milk collection, feeding and meal preparation. The construction subjects include commercial places and government non-profit public service facilities.


Since there are many standard conditions for the construction of mother-infant rooms in my country, compared with the highly developed cities in the world, the emphasis on the construction of mother-infant care places and the construction of mother-infant rooms are relatively lacking. Called "Baby Care Room" or "Parent's Room" in European and American countries, it is an important symbolic public facility that reflects the humanistic care of a modern civilized city. In recent years, under the discussion of advocating social prenatal and postnatal care and several public opinion events in my country, the mother and baby room has received extensive attention. And in the public environment where breastfeeding awareness is gradually improved and fathers are encouraged to participate in childcare, "making public places standard with mother and baby rooms" is gradually being carried out and improved.




Xiamen has now built 4 multi-sex maternity rooms, and citizens can quickly find them through one-key navigation on their mobile phones. According to the plan, Xiamen will complete the construction of the first batch of 16 multi-sex maternity rooms this year, and strive to put them into use before the end of the year. In addition to strengthening the construction of mother and baby rooms, Xiamen has also strengthened the application of information technology. The province is the first to launch the "Map Navigation System for Maternity and Infant Facilities in Public Places" to display the name, location, contact number, opening hours and other information of the mother and baby rooms. Last year, under the joint promotion of Xiamen Municipal Health Commission and other departments, Xiamen completed the construction of 68 new mother and baby rooms, ranking the forefront of the province.


Market development status of mother and baby room mobile mother and baby room stationed in Shenzhen Metro


Recently, a 1.6-square-meter mobile mother-infant room has been stationed in the Shenzhen Metro. The mobile mother-infant room is smart and convenient. It is equipped with a baby seat and a baby care table, which can meet the needs of mothers such as breastfeeding and changing wet diapers. In order to avoid cross-infection, the interior design also uses smart devices such as sensor faucets, sensor soap dispensers, and sensor trash cans. As a young and dynamic city, Shenzhen has more than 200,000 newborns every year.




The mobile mother and baby room is jointly launched by the Shenzhen Women's Federation, the Municipal Women and Children's Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Women and Children's Foundation"), Shenzhen Metro Group, and Microspace Architecture Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Microspace"). Provide more convenient mobile services, jointly promote the innovation and upgrading of facilities for women and children, and help build a child-friendly city.


By may 2021, 1091 mother and baby rooms have been built in airports, subway stations, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, shopping malls, hospitals, parks and other large public places in Shenzhen, basically realizing full coverage and one click navigation of mother and baby rooms in public places.


According to the "White Paper on Maternity and Infant Rooms in Chinese Cities", the total number of maternity and baby rooms in all cities in mainland China is only 2,643, of which only 7 cities have more than 100 maternity and baby rooms, namely: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou , Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu. In second-tier and below cities, the average number of mother and baby rooms in each city is less than 10. And there are 6.67% of the second-tier cities, 30% of the third-tier cities, 65.56% of the fourth-tier cities and 88.37% of the fifth-tier cities, and it is completely impossible to find a mother and baby room in the city. The government of Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong publicly stated last year: "Setting up mother and baby rooms in public places not only reflects respect and care for women and children, but also reflects the humanization of the concept of public service. It is a important sign of national civilization progress for a country".



Analysis on the development direction of mother and baby room in the future


The mobile mother and baby room has low cost, high flexibility and good privacy. It can be equipped with intelligent equipment to provide convenience for breastfeeding women, and its potential market demand is high. The intelligent development of mobile mother and baby rooms has greatly improved the service performance of mother and baby rooms, and will become an important development direction for mother and baby rooms in the future.



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