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The 28th China International Advertising Festival was successfully held, and C&S Paper Co.,Ltd. won the honor


From December 10 to 13, 2021, the 28th China International Advertising Festival was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

C&S Paper Co.,Ltd "Trendy Play Art, Flexibility is Me - C&S Brand Rejuvenation Integrated Communication Project" won the "Annual Digital Marketing Golden Case" award at the 2021 China International Advertising Festival Advertiser Ceremony by virtue of its outstanding performance. Ms. Deng Wenxi, vice president of C&S Paper Co.,Ltd, won the top award of this advertising festival - China International Advertising Festival 2021 Advertisers Ceremony "Annual Influencer" Award (hereinafter referred to as "Annual Influencer Award").

Insight into the trend and stimulate the youthful vitality of the brand

Under the new consumption trend, C&S Paper Co.,Ltd held a campus IP event with the theme of "Tide Play Art, Flexibility by Me". Both online and offline, detonate the campus market.

As the online position of this event, C&S Paper Co.,Ltd and Bilibili, the main gathering place for young circles, jointly launched the "New Semester Fancy Flag Contest" event. Through in-depth insight into the demands and characteristics of contemporary college students, Set up four tracks covering campus life. Through interactive content, sharing of cash and incentives for prizes, the target audience can be precisely leveraged, and many campus friends have been successfully attracted to contribute and fission dissemination.


The main poster of the new semester fancy flag competition held by C&S Paper Co.,Ltd and Bilibili

According to statistics, the number of contributions to this online activity reached 13000 +, the total number of topic views reached 30.1 million, and the number of relevant videos played reached 5.15 million, which triggered 123000 discussions and became a bright case of brand digital marketing this year.

Offline, C&S Paper Co.,Ltd has successfully held offline pop-up stores with the theme of "Tide Play Art, Flexible by Me" in 7 provinces and 8 cities across the country. By integrating the two cores of "artistic creativity" and "fashion play", the pop-up store organically integrates brand communication, product experience and cultural interest, and sets off a punch-in boom in the campus in an interesting interactive form, perfectly releasing the brand The youthful charm of her has aroused the resonance of college students.


Great Virtue Carrying Out Things, C&S Paper Co.,Ltd Building Progressive Way


As the winner of the "Influential Person of the Year Award" at this advertising festival, Ms. Deng Wenxi, vice president of C&S Paper Co.,Ltd, said during the conference that in the new consumption era, C&S Paper Co.,Ltd continues to uphold the humanistic spirit of "honesty and virtue", focusing on Innovation, establish brand innovative values, and adhere to the enterprising way of rejuvenation and high-end brand.



In the future, C&S Paper Co.,Ltd will continue to have a deep insight into the trend, and implement the brand concept of "only care about you" in all aspects of brand behavior. Expand the future strategic map. With an attitude of openness, cooperation, integration and sharing, we will jointly create a new pattern of win-win cooperation under the background of the era.


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