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New trend of mother and baby market in the United States: the rise of "green" baby products


According to recent reports by foreign media, with the rise of the "green revolution", consumers change their shopping habits and pay more attention to health and environmental protection.Mothers also pay more attention to the safety of their children's food and clothing.

To make it search easier for health and "green" baby products, two mothers opened Mockingbird Baby in Woodland (USA) offering a wide range of health products, from USDA certified Plexiglass cleaners to wooden toys with non-toxic paint.But by far, Mockingbird Baby's most popular product is cloth diapers.

"We hope that parents can come to the store, and we believe that our products do not contain any chemical ingredients, and all the products will not have a bad impact on the baby.And we do closely examine every product that goes into the store, " said Jennifer Provost, a business partner at Mockingbird Baby.

The store sells traditional folding cloth diapers, just like the rectangular cloth pads that Grandma used to use.But for moms who want modern styles, Mockingbird Baby also offers ultra-thick cloth diapers that hold the cloth tightly together and then use a plastic lining bag to prevent leakage.

Provost and Hensley's passion for quality baby products comes from their own motherhood experiences as - each had two children.Hensley founded the Mockingbird Baby e-commerce website in 2013, and there are not many products.

While cloth diaper is the beginning of their business, now Provost and Hensley emphasize that Mockingbird Baby offers a variety of baby supplies, not just diapers and baby clothing.They also sell fragrant essential oils, dental care products, soap and lotion, and even women's supplies such as menstrual cups.

"We will not sell everything, and never will.But we sell the products, and we really trust them." 'Hensley said.


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