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Maternal special sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins are similar, Why do doctors advice to use maternal sanitary napkins?


puerperium mothers, like newborn babies, are the one who needs to be taken care of and treated specially. And during the puerperium, lochia has been with the mothers. Many women who bought puerperial sanitary napkins do not understand that maternal special sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins are similar, why do doctors advice to use maternal sanitary napkins?


Special features of maternal sanitary napkins


Maternal sanitary napkins are more hygienic because they are specifically prepared for maternal production.During this period, women's skin was highly sensitive, and childbirth reduced the maternal body resistance. Improper care, do not pay attention to cleaning and hygiene is easy to cause maternal infection, therefore, how to choose sanitary napkins after delivery is crucial to maternal physical and mental health.

Precautions for the use of maternal sanitary napkins


First of all, it must be changed regularly. Many mothers have a lot of nightmare, and it doesn't take long for the sanitary napkins to get wet, but some of them don't discharge too much nightmare, so they think it's okay to change them after a longer time. In fact, the use of sanitary napkins for too long will breed bacteria, regardless of the amount of nightmare, sanitary napkins should be changed regularly.


In addition, when using special sanitary napkins for women in labor, you also need to pay attention to the style. Because everyone's body condition is different, choosing a more suitable maternity sanitary napkin can be more comfortable for you. However, when choosing, you must pay attention to the breathability and not to be too close to the wound when using.


What does measuring sanitary napkin mean

Measurement sanitary napkin is a sanitary napkin that can calculate the maternal blood loss within 24 hours.Maternal just out of the delivery room need to use a measured sanitary napkin, so that doctors can assess whether the amount of bleeding is normal.The natural birth can be discharged in 1-2 days, about 2-3 tablets a day, caesarean section, about 4 days, about 3 days, and reduced in the next 2 days.Using postpartum special sanitary napkins is better, because  it is large and has large capacity.

How to choose the maternal special sanitary napkin?
Choose a big brand.The credibility of big brands is relatively high, the composition or number can be checked, the purchase is guaranteed.


Three models to distinguish. Generally speaking, there are three models of maternity sanitary napkins, small, medium and large, which are mainly for the three different periods of malaria. Do not choose the model by feeling or by looking at your body type, but choose according to the period.

Generally speaking, 2 or 3 days after delivery is the period with the most nightmare, so you can choose the medium size on top of the large size and replace it with the medium size only; 4-8 days after delivery, the color of nightmare becomes lighter, so you can choose the medium size sanitary napkin and the puerperium with the front open panties; more than 3 weeks after delivery, basically the nightmare becomes the same as the usual white belt, so you can choose the small size sanitary napkin and the puerperium with the front open panties.


How many sanitary napkins should be prepared? According to each person's different constitution, under general circumstances can prepare 2 packages of large number, 2 bags of medium number, 3 packages of small number. Postpartum can adjust the number appropriately according to their own specific situation, remember to keep clean.


In addition to preparing postpartum sanitary napkins, but also remember to prepare a few boxes of disinfection clean cotton or refined water clean cotton, the first time postpartum time to pad on the maternal special sanitary napkins.When changing the sanitary towel, remember to use disinfectant cleaning cotton from front to back of the pussy, remember to ensure that the appliances are clean, including washing your own hands!


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