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What are menstrual pants?


For the majority of Chinese women, the concept of "menstrual pants" is not yet familiar. But in Europe and the United States, this all-in-one product already has a sizeable market. It can replace disposable sanitary products, but also as a tampon, menstrual cup supplement, not only more environmentally friendly, economical, but also good relief may be "sudden menstruation" or "menstrual side leakage" anxiety.The legendary golden pair of menstrual cup + menstrual pants can make your period without anxiety!


01 What are menstrual pants? 

Before talking about "what menstrual pants are", we need to clarify "what menstrual pants are not": they are not nighttime pants, nor are they adult diapers. Despite the many names, these disposable sanitary napkins are not menstrual pants.


It is not physiological pants. This kind of physiological underwear that is only leak-proof, non-absorbent and not a substitute for sanitary napkins ≠ menstrual pants.


02 A little history of menstrual wear The history of "menstrual pants", formerly known as menstrual wear, can be traced back to the Protective Petticoat invented by American G.R. Williams in 1967, which was knee-length with an elastic waistband and made of double-layer fabric with a waterproof lining. It is worn inside the skirt during a woman's period to avoid the embarrassment of menstrual blood leaking out.


Q: Why is it a skirt?

Although the wearing of pants was not new among working-class women since World War II, when a large number of women were involved in work and production, the counterculture movement in Western society in the 1960s saw the emergence of hippie culture, bell-bottoms and jeans, but many formal occasions did not allow women to wear pants (until 1993, the unwritten rule that "women should not wear pants" was still in place in the U.S. Senate). (until 1993, there was still an unwritten rule in the U.S. Senate that "women shouldn't wear pants"). In 1988, women's menstrual underwear was invented. However, limited by technology and materials, this design was not a qualitative improvement over the menstrual belt of a hundred years ago. In those days, crude toilet paper and rags were the only menstrual products that Chinese women had no choice but to use, and sanitary napkins were a luxury that they could not afford or use.


Patent Description


Menstrual band design of 1880s, structural diagram of women's menstrual underwear.

The sanitary belt was still popular in the 1980s (the ancient packaging was cute).In 1996, someone in China applied for a patent for cleaning pants, which is very similar to the physiological pants we see today. This invention in the 1990s served as a supplement to sanitary napkins while sleeping.


Menstrual pants from the 90s


03 What are menstrual pants?

Menstrual pants are functional, reusable underwear with multi-layer crotch technology. They are worn during menstruation and can replace sanitary napkins and pads (depending on the amount of menstrual blood). It has a lifespan of about 2-3 years.The internet calls it pink technology and black technology, but it actually uses the existing textile technology to do product redesign so that women can be more free and comfortable during their periods.


04 How does it work?

The crotch of menstrual pants consists of at least 3 layers of functional fabric, as shown in the following diagram.


Crotch absorption simulation test


Anatomy of the crotch of menstrual pants

05 How do I use menstrual pants?


Q:When can I wear them?(1) When the volume is low (e.g. the first, fourth or fifth day; it depends on your volume), you can wear menstrual pants directly.
(2) When the volume is high (e.g. the second or third day; depends on your own volume), you can add tampons or sanitary napkins.
(3) When you have a blood clot, you will be uncomfortable (just like wearing tampons), so you can just wipe it off and put it back on! (Not disgusting! (Normal!)


Q:How to wash?
(1) first rinse with cool water (rinse until the water is not red)
(2) then you can choose to hand wash or use the washing machine (do not use hot water, bleach or softener)
(3) dry by the sun


Q:What are the benefits of wearing menstrual pants? 
(1) Save money! You can save at least $40 a month!
(2) Each pair of menstrual pants can be worn for more than 2+ years.
(3) More environmentally friendly, less plastic is produced.
(4) Make yourself feel better. Paying it forward to the environment starts with you.


# A Cold Knowledge #
Did you know? The average woman uses an average of 11,000 tampons or sanitary napkins in her lifetime. It takes over 500-900 years for the usual market tampons or sanitary pads to be degraded! So the birth of menstrual pants is really significant for the environmental cause.


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