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Why does the disposable hygiene industry love breathable films?

Even if looking at the material table of diapers, most mothers do not understand it, so how can we choose a better diaper and more suitable for their babies? Today we're going to learn about the breathable films in diapers and sanitary napkins that are popular in the industry and are used widely.


What is a breathable film?

Breathable film is an environmentally friendly breathable (vapor) water barrier (liquid, bacteria, dust) functional material. Microporous breathable films have been around for more than two decades and have been developing rapidly in the last decade. In terms of technology, market and application, China is still in its infancy.


Polyolefin breathable films, prepared by adding inert fillers to PE or PP carriers and stretching through the film, are suitable for personal hygiene care products. Breathable film is an upgraded product of common water barrier film. The two cannot be simply replaced, the breathability of breathable film, in addition to the material itself, the process is also a very important link!


The principle of breathable film.

The principle of breathable membrane is very simple: inorganic material + stretching = micro holes, the specific operation is very exquisite, only the appropriate size, uniform distribution of micro holes.Inappropriate deepening, aperture is too small, insufficient stretching and no aperture, inappropriate stretching and microholes can only be waste, can not be used.


Effective aperture of the breathable membrane.

When the moisture concentration of one side of the film is greater than the other side, the humidity pressure difference occurs.At this time, the basic conditions of convection are met, and the emergence of convection will slowly tend the humidity difference on both sides of the membrane to the same, which is the principle used by the breathable membrane.


How to choose the diapers and sanitary napkins?

As a breathable membrane as a water insulation material, the first consideration must be safety.Take safety as all the premise only began to consider water insulation and air permeability.Urinary pants, sanitary napkins have the following characteristics: wide and thin. This kind of care products use breathable membrane materials because they are healthier for the body.

The specific performance of breathable films or the ultimate breathability of diapers or sanitary napkins has been mentioned above, and the structural design of personal hygiene care products is the key. The selection of a qualified breathable film is the most critical, which is inseparable from the structure and quality of the product. When customers choose diapers and sanitary napkins, to avoid being uncomfortable by unreasonable breathable film structure, please try to choose big brands.


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