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5G+ARVR has unlimited potential

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5G+AR/VR adds energy for thounsands of industries

As one of the most anticipated 5G application scenarios in the industry, AR/VR will usher in an "explosive period" in the future with the pace of 5G commercialization and ecological maturity. According to the prediction of Sadie Intelligence, the market size of virtual reality in China will reach 430 billion yuan by 2023. It is easy to foresee that with the continuous empowerment of 5G, VR/AR applications will be integrated with many fields and industries to redefine product attributes and bring better application experience.

In terms of "cloud tourism", due to the influence of epidemic prevention and control and other factors, the "cloud tourism" with AR / VR technology support has emerged. Both the popular 5G + VR "cloud cherry appreciation" during the Wuhan epidemic and the popularity of A Panorama Of China highlight the further people's maturity of VR / AR technology and give people a novel experience of "traveling" across the country at home.

In the field of education, people have high expectations for VR/AR immersive teaching. Relying on the full integration of 5G and VR technology, the space and time boundaries of teaching are broken, creating a "borderless classroom" between online and offline, virtual and reality, allowing students to feel the interplay of theory and practice. For example, Sichuan Telecom and local schools collaborated to launch the "5G+Smart Campus" is a concrete example of promoting the development of vocational education.

5G+AR can also create opportunities for manufacturing transformation and upgrading. In particular, AR inspection makes use of the low time delay of 5G to display equipment data in real time through AR to help operation and maintenance personnel understand the condition of equipment.

It has to be said that 5G + AR / VR has unlimited potential and will surely shine in many fields in the future.

5G + AR/VR dilemma still exists

Although the current VR/AR technology has basically broken the problems of high network latency and inability to guarantee smoothness with the help of 5G technology. However, from the perspective of development, VR/AR market development still faces many long-standing problems, and challenges need to be faced head-on if the VR/AR industry is to seek long-term development.

On the one hand, VR / AR products are expensive.Although VR / AR devices have many similar components to mobile phones, such as monitors, processors, etc.However, due to the existence of unique components such as 3D lens and positioning system, the price of VR / AR equipment remains high, which makes it difficult for VR / AR equipment to popularize the public and layout the market with a low price, and increasing the threshold for ordinary users to experience VR / AR.

On the other hand, VR/AR content production technology is difficult and has a certain threshold, and professional technical talents are scarce. To a certain extent, this leads to the lack of quality content, the lack of fine and clear picture quality, and poor terminal experience in VR/AR. Especially in terms of product application, there are only a few shaped products and no "killer application".


The future of 5G + VR/AR is promising

With the support of 5G, if VR/AR is to become a "killer application", it is necessary to implement talent cultivation strategy and improve the quality of industrial talents, as well as to make great efforts in user experience.

First of all, it is necessary to build a strong cloud capability to reduce the requirements of VR/AR experience on user terminal devices, use the ability of 5G network with large connection, low latency and high bandwidth, use edge computing to achieve real-time display, realize real-time distribution of cloud VR services, and reduce equipment requirements.

Secondly, to achieve a breakthrough in the To C market, it is also necessary to guide at the policy level, further accelerate technological innovation, improve the industrial ecology, create a number of innovative and creative VR/AR applications, and finally realize the gathering of industrial resources, bring into play industrial synergy and scale effect, and complete the business closed loop.

In short, 5G+VR/AR is emerging, and promoting the integration and innovation of the two will optimize the industrial structure and break through the key technology of virtual reality. In the future, innovative applications will be realized, new applications, new ecology and new business will come along with it, and 5G+VR/AR will become a "killer application" in the future.


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