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Pull-ups market trend:two-piece type to lead the market direction

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With the increasing market share of pull-up pants, competition has become increasingly fierce. Over the past few years, the products have been upgraded from three-piece to two-piece, and the structure has been upgraded and the quality has been improved.


1.Three-piece diaper

The advantages of this structure are low cost, simple structure and mature manufacturing technology. However, because the leg structure is two T-shaped structures in front and back, it is not very suitable for human body shape, and the body does not fit. And it is not very comfortable, and the probability of leakage is relatively large.

The three-piece pull-up can only be a product in the early stages of pull-up market development, and the earliest companies on pull-up equipment used this structure. This three-piece product allows consumers to understand and use the pull-up panty products at a relatively low cost. Due to the low cost, only low-end and ultra-low-end price products in the domestic market currently use the three-piece structure more often. In the middle and high-end products have not been competitive, gradually eliminated by the middle and high-end brands.


2.Two-piece diaper

The product structure of the two-piece product is divided into two part structure, one part is the core absorbent body, and the other part is the overall waistband fabric bonded inside and out, and then through the O-cutting knife, cut out different sizes of leg holes. Through the side bonding, the stretching of the leg tendons, more in line with the human body's leg structure, fit more closely.

After so many years of development in China, basically all of the mid- and high-end products use the two-piece structure. Due to the complex structure and difficult process of two-piece pull-up products, there are still some obvious differences in pant structure and aesthetics between products of different equipment. Although some brands do not pay much attention to these differences, or even ignore them, but the choice of consumers can still explain the problem of the current market sales head of high-end products or output from the Japan ZUIKO and Huangshan Futian’s pull-up pants equipment.

It is foreseeable that the future of mid- to high-end pull-up products two-piece products is an inevitable trend. On the basis of the two-piece type, through the process and material changes, softer, thinner, and enhance the competitiveness of the product, in order to continue to improve the product power, conquer consumers, and become the future king of the brand.


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