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Wet toilet paper industry in the early stages of development,the future market development potential is huge after 2022

Wetwipes have rich application scenarios.According to different application scenarios, it can be divided into baby wipes, makeup wipes, household cleaning wipes, general-purpose wipes, wet toilet paper, and women's care wipes.In 2019, wet toilet paper accounted for about 8% of the global wipes market.Compared with dry toilet paper, wet toilet paper is better clean, comfortable, and gradually popularized, and the application demand is increasing.As a revolutionary new product of the toilet paper industry, wet paper has its development advantages under the background of consumption upgrading, and is expected to develop rapidly in China.

With the improvement of national attention to personal hygiene, the domestic demand for wet wipes shows a steady growing trend.In 2020, China's wet wipes market size will be about 11 billion yuan.Analyze the market structure of domestic wet wipes, among which baby wet wipes occupy the dominant position, and the market accounts for about 53%, while the wet sanitary wipes market accounts for a relatively small proportion, with only about 5% at present.However, judging from the growth rate of the wipes industry, wet toilet paper is popular with Chinese teenagers, and the overall growth rate of the wipes industry is currently more than 32%.

In general, China's wet toilet paper industry is still in its initial stage, the industry develops rapidly, but the overall market penetration rate is low. In 2020, the penetration rate of the Chinese wet toilet paper market is about 4%, but that of the German wet toilet paper market is about 41%; the Swiss wet toilet paper market penetration rate is as high as 52%.In the context of consumption upgrading, residents' demand for daily necessities will also continue to improve with the improvement of living standards, and the wet toilet paper industry will develop rapidly.

NEWSIJIE industry analysts said that the current domestic wet toilet paper industry is currently in the early stage of development, the current market penetration rate is low.Under the background of future consumption upgrading, China's wet wipes market has huge development potential.In terms of market competition, the main paper towel brands occupy the wet toilet paper market, but because the wet toilet paper industry has not been fully developed, the market development potential in the future is great.


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