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New raw materials for nonwoven materials for disposable sanitary products

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Silken fiber is a high-grade textile fiber raw material, smooth, soft fiber, good compatibility with human skin, with excellent air permeability.The friction stimulation coefficient of human skin is only 7.4%, and the safety and environmental protection performance is good, so the research and development of silk surface non-woven materials for disposable sanitary products has a good application prospect, and can develop high-end diapers, sanitary cotton, pads and other products.Combine hot air bonding with water spur winding technology to prepare velvet / ES mixed nonwoven fabric with stretching and air permeability, penetration time and reverse osmosis, and ES hot wind. Through water puncture technology, silk / ES mixed nonwoven fabric is developed on the basis of the water spur reinforcement process to optimize the tensile properties, air permeability and diversify the variety of nonwoven materials.

Choosing suitable non-woven materials and fiber raw materials, together with choosing the best material structure and process technology, is one of the direct ways to improve the performance of disposable sanitary products products.The HDPE and PP were used, supplemented by functional raw material ethylene-ocene block copolymer, titanium dioxide and antioxidant, And to mix together; The HDPE and core layer made by the melting extrusion process are modified PP core composite fiber, and the hot wind non-woven technology and 3D three-dimensional pressing roller PP / HDPE non-woven material with concave and convex structure, Compare the non-woven flat-grain hot air panels, Longitudinal fracture strength increased by 6.0%, The lateral fracture strength was increased by 13.0%, The fracture elongation rate and stiffness were reduced, However, the liquid surface diffusion characteristics of the average liquid absorption rate and the liquid holding rate were significantly improved; By changing the compressional curvature of the conventional ES fibers, A sanitary surface material with both heat wind and SSS spinning non-woven fabric was prepared, The test comparison showed that, When the fiber is curled to 8.5 / 25 mm, Using the hot-wind nonwoven technology, Combined with the best process parameters, Can produce a comfortable, comfortable surface layer of non-woven fabric.

In the market competition of disposable sanitary products, the cost of the product largely determines its price competitive advantage.In order to reduce the production cost of disposable sanitary products, the use of chicken feather fiber as non-woven raw material, mixing with bleaching cotton fiber, reinforced by needle fiber mesh, compared with the traditional disposable sanitary adsorption core, with the absorbent for coating material, improve the absorption of acupuncture non-woven material, the new non-woven material core absorption performance is better.Through sodium hydroxide treatment of wood pulp fiber raw materials in nonwoven materials, the liquid absorption amount of non-woven core material is improved, reducing the addition of super-absorbing resin particles SAP in the core material, and thus reducing the product production cost.


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