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Xu Qingliu, President of HengAn, shared and carried forward the "Jinjiang experience" at the Quanzhou Private Economic Development Conference


Xu Qingliu, President of HengAn, shared inheritance and promotion at Quanzhou Private Economic Development Conference & ldquo; Jinjiang experience & rdquo;

2022-2-8 HengAn & nbsp;
On February 6, the 2022 Quanzhou Private Economic Development Conference was held in Quanzhou people's hall. Xu Qingliu, President of Heng'an group, shared the theme of "inheriting and carrying forward & ldquo; Jinjiang experience & rdquo; and innovating and developing the real economy". At the same time, Hengan Group was also awarded the & ldquo; Quanzhou's tax payment exceeded 1 billion in 2021 & rdquo; honor.


The full text is as follows:

Distinguished leaders, entrepreneurs and colleagues:

Happy new year, everyone!

I'm Xu Qingliu from Hengan Group.

Since the reform and opening up, Quanzhou has bravely set the tide, blazed new trails and worked hard, writing a magnificent historical picture of the development of China's private economy. Entering GDP & ldquo; Trillion Club & rdquo; After that, the Party committee and government of Quanzhou have been constantly seeking a new round of high-quality development. As a member of Quanzhou enterprises, I am deeply proud and excited!



  Hengan is & ldquo; Jinjiang experience & rdquo; Witnesses and practitioners

Real enterprises are the biggest support for Quanzhou's private economy, & ldquo; Jinjiang experience & rdquo; The most distinctive feature is to firmly grasp the development of the real economy. *** Jinjiang experience;, As a program to guide the development of private enterprises in Quanzhou.

Hengan is & ldquo; Jinjiang experience & rdquo; Witnesses and practitioners of. Since its establishment in 1985, HengAn people have always focused on their main business; Operate in good faith in accordance with laws and regulations; Strive for innovation and continuous change.

*** This is & lsquo; Jinjiang experience & rsquo; Good summary & rdquo;.

Hengan's past has proved the value and significance of adhering to industry, and HengAn will continue to inherit and carry forward & ldquo; Jinjiang experience;, Adhere to no distractions, do a good job in industry in a down-to-earth manner, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises with continuous innovation and reform.



Inherit and carry forward & ldquo; Jinjiang experience;, Realize innovative development

Last May, I was appointed president of the group by the board of directors. In August, I officially took over from the older generation. This is a noble honor and a heavy responsibility.

In the past few months, I have deeply reviewed the development process of Heng'an and my thoughts on the future. Here I share four points with you.

First of all, further innovate the work of Party building and promote party building into the chapter.

In the current of the times and facing the great changes that have not been seen in a century, I think the first thing is to unswervingly start a business with the party, fight with the party, listen to the party's words, feel the party's kindness and follow the party.

In the second year of the company's establishment, that is, in 1986, Heng'an established the Party branch, which is also the first non-public enterprise party organization on the ground in Jinjiang.

In November, we set out to promote the party building and innovation of the group, and became the pioneer of the party building and innovation of the group. In November, we made clear the position of Party members and employees in the reform of the group, and made a clear contribution to the party building and innovation of the group. We were the pioneer of the group. At the end of December, the Party committee of the group organized a large discussion to combine the implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee with the development goal of HengAn, so as to condense red wisdom and inject red power into the development of the enterprise.

Second, extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain and continue to innovate.

How to seize the new opportunities in the new era? I think the most fundamental thing is to continue to innovate, put the enterprise blueprint into the national strategy and integrate it into the regional development plan, especially in combination with the new layout and advantages of Quanzhou's high-quality leapfrog development, find its own positioning and direction, and realize the upgrading and leapfrogging of the industry.

To this end, Heng'an will start the phase II construction project of Jinjiang Neikeng, covering an area of 700 Mu this year. The project plans to invest 5 billion yuan to & ldquo; End to end & rdquo; Based on informatization, by extending the upstream and downstream value chain, high standard construction set & ldquo; Upstream raw materials & rdquo& ldquo; Intelligent production & rdquo& ldquo; Smart storage & rdquo& ldquo; 2B, 2C intelligent sorting bin & rdquo; And other supporting modern sanitary products Industrial Park, which will also be Hengan Group's comprehensive industrial base with the highest standard and the largest volume in China. I think this is what we continue to practice & ldquo; Jinjiang experience & rdquo; Practical actions and best proof.

Third, green, low-carbon, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Since its establishment, Hengan Group has always followed the concept of green, low-carbon and sustainable development and actively responded to the national & ldquo; Double carbon & rdquo; Strategy to achieve cleaner production and & ldquo; Zero emission & rdquo; At the same time, realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

The group introduced the first energy-saving and environment-friendly paper machine in China and developed it by itself; End cover insulation & rdquo; Technology to realize steam recovery and reuse; Continue to invest in the construction of sewage treatment system to realize zero discharge of wastewater; The solar energy coverage of the whole plant is realized in many factories across the country, and the solar power generation capacity is 20 million kwh in 2021 alone

Finally, operate in good faith, shoulder social responsibility bravely and promote common prosperity.


Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise. Since its establishment, HengAn has always adhered to the principle of sunshine and justice, and operated in good faith in accordance with laws and regulations. In the 22 years since its listing in 1998 alone, enterprises have paid more than 32 billion yuan of taxes nationwide.

Heng An Group has been actively implementing the social responsibility while realizing the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise. Whether it is the daily philanthropy, or in the battle against COVID-19, Heng an always takes the greatest enthusiasm to fulfill the responsibility and responsibility of a national enterprise. Up to now, Heng'an and its major shareholders have contributed more than 1.6 billion yuan.


Dear leaders, entrepreneurs and colleagues, benefiting from the great times, Heng'an group was born and grew up in Quanzhou. We have always been grateful for the support and care of Quanzhou Municipal Party committee and government. We will also continue to carry forward & ldquo; Jinjiang experience;, Concentrate on the development of industry and make due contributions to promoting high-quality development and writing a new chapter of Quanzhou in building a socialist modern country in an all-round way!
Thank you!
Finally, I wish you all a happy new year and the year of the tiger!



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