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Zhongshun jierou joins hands with to create a new IP address for chinaface


Zhongshun jierou joins hands with to create a new IP address for China face

2022-2-11  Daily economic news

  & nbsp; At the beginning of the new year, Zhongshun jierou joined handsPeople's network, focus on the Chinese people in different industries, different identities and different backgrounds, record the extraordinary stories behind their ordinary faces, and create a flexible and warm blockbuster "China face" full of national self-confidence, which has been forwarded and spread by the media from all walks of life, with hot discussion and praise.In addition, jierou also joined hands

People's network launched a joint Spring Festival Limited gift box.


  & nbsp; Zhongshun jierou said on the investor interaction platform on February 10:China face is a brand-new IP jointly created by people's network and jierou. It is an annual innovation of jierou brand to break the brand circle and upgrade the brand. CHINA FaceTaking high-quality creative content as the cornerstone, through diversified, multi circle and multi-channel three-dimensional communication, it has fully penetrated online and offline, achieved a very ideal communication effect in the breadth and depth of communication, and formed an efficient interactive link effect with consumers. Currently ChinaFaceOnline exposure exceeded 900 million people, and achieved good communication results. Subsequent companies will continue to enrich and deepen ChinaFaceThe extension and core of China & nbsp;FaceAchieve high value integration and spiritual connection with jierou brand, adopt multi-dimensional, multi-level, multi-channel, large coverage and high penetration to improve communication quality and volume, and realize higher intensity transformation at the marketing end at the same time& nbsp;


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