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Haoyue hopes that baby diapers and Yueyue mother will detonate the first show of the new year


Haoyue hopes that baby diapers and Yueyue mother will detonate the first show of the new year

2022-2-17  & nbsp; Science and technology observation network

   & nbsp; At present, the development of the tiktok is booming, attracting many mother and baby enterprises. In February 12th, tiktok, a domestic diaper manufacturer, hopes that baby diapers will shake hands with mother and baby to master the first show. During this period, Yue Yue's mother personally explored Haoyue production base, started the tracing journey of Guochao diapers, and revealed the self-made password behind the hope baby's self-made series of diapers in China. As tiktok tiktok queen, Yue Yue Ma is very strict with her products and is very trusted by her mothers. It has shown a very strong potential in the live broadcast of goods, and has become a dark horse in the field of unexpected winner.

   & nbsp; Hau care, a strong hard power, is also actively following the times in its focus on product quality. In recent years, Hayes care has been actively developing more social networking tiktok tracks represented by jitter, and is committed to bringing consumers more relaxed and interesting consumption. China has tiktok tiktok's master tiktok, who is the first to experience the baby's Hayao's experience. Since December 27, 2021, Hau's children's invitation to shake the baby's baby is the chief experience officer of Hayao. The company's live in China has been able to explore the production strength of haye care with the users. Finally, the record of the turnover of over 7 million 600 thousand yuan has been completed, creating a GMV record for the special diaper industry, and getting the TOP 1 of the diaper platform. Create a new tiktok brand new series of miracle! Since then, we hope that the baby will start to focus on the live broadcast of talent, and make a good start in 2022. For the first time, we will launch a special strategic cooperation with Yueyue mother, the mother and baby talent, to promote the new Chinese self-made series of diapers, help us hope that the baby's diapers will achieve another good sales performance, realize the "double detonation" of product publicity and sales, and launch the first shot in the year of the tiger!

Relying on the strong strength of Haoyue care, we hope that baby diapers not only have leading production technology and high-quality raw materials, but also have perfect supply chain and industry-leading production and R & D capacity. The "made in China" series of baby diapers developed for Chinese babies give close care to Chinese babies with their hard core scientific and technological strength and ultra-thin and breathable product experience.

At present, the mother and baby industry of the jitter has mature operation models, confirms effective methods of creating funds and brand business support strategies, which helps the brand to work tiktok for a long time and continuously gain new business growth. Tiktok will be adhering to the brand idea of "baby's attention to every step of growth and hope for the baby to grow up day by day". It will control the quality of products, and actively explore new ways of brand scene marketing, and master more mothers and babies.


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