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A delegation from the Secretariat of China Paper Institute / household paper Commission visited Guangdong sanitary products enterprises (Part 2)


  & nbsp; & nbsp;From February 21 to 23, 2022, Zhang Yulan, Secretary General of domestic paper professional committee of China Paper Association, and China pulp and Paper Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asChina Paper InstituteAssistant General Manager / Deputy Secretary General of household paper professional committee Cao BaopingZhongqing (Jinjiang) sanitary products research Co., Ltd. affiliated to China Paper Institute(hereinafter referred to asMedium light sanitary products)General manager Sun Wengang, executive directorHistorical records of deputy general managerA total of 6 well-known sanitary products manufacturers in Guangdong Province were investigated and visited by 6 people.

Guangdong is one of the major sanitary products industry clusters in ChinaIt has not only gathered a number of domestic leading sanitary products manufacturers, but also attracted raw material enterprises and equipment manufacturers to invest and build factories, forming a perfect upstream and downstream industrial chain.

On February 22, the third stop of the investigation and visit: Foshan peianting sanitary products industry Co., Ltd., the fourth stop: Guangdong Meijie sanitary products Co., Ltd. and the fifth stop: Guangdong KANGYI sanitary products Co., Ltd.Through in-depth discussion and exchange with the company's management and technical personnel, personally experienced the latest development of sanitary products industry in Guangdong Province.

The third stop: Foshan peianting sanitary products industry Co., Ltd

On the morning of February 22, the Secretariat of the household paper Committee and the delegation of Zhongqing sanitary products first visited Foshan peianting sanitary products industry Co., Ltd,With general manager Chen Huihua, director Xu Zejun, etcThe company's senior executives had a discussion and exchange, and visited the company's product exhibition center.

Foshan peianting sanitary products industry Co., Ltd. was founded inIn 1997, he focused on diaper business for 25 years. He is a wholly-owned subsidiary of An'an International Group, specializing in the production and sales of women's care products. The headquarters office of the company is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and the production base is located in Cangjiang Industrial Park, Gaoming District, Foshan City, covering an area of more than 30000It is a modern garden style green factory built according to the standard.

As a professional manufacturer of female nursing and hygiene products with leading scale and comprehensive strength in Guangdong Province, peianting company is one of the national brands"I hope every woman can be respected and every woman's health is protected!" For the purpose, we have continuously upgraded and innovated female sanitary products in the past 25 years. At present. The company has 12Production line of sanitary napkins and padsThe total annual production capacity is1 billion tablets, with many product specifications and stable quality.

Peianting company takes excellence and innovation as its own responsibility, and has launched and upgraded a variety of women's care products over the years. Its blue chip, Shurou butterfly wing, instant cool ventilation, invisible insensitivity, Yungan cotton, Fu series and other sanitary napkin products have been favored by female consumers for many years. In addition, pajamas have been launched to meet women's night care needs.

Peianting selects the world's excellent cooperative material suppliers and uses the raw materials of international well-known enterprisesPassed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2003. At this stage, sales have covered 23 provinces and 253 prefecture level cities in China, firmly locking in the domestic market. From cities to towns, peianting is closely connected with consumers.

The fourth stop: Guangdong Meijie sanitary products Co., Ltd

On the afternoon of February 22, the Secretariat of the household paper Committee andMedium light sanitary productsThe delegation went to Guangdong Meijie sanitary products Co., Ltd. for investigation and visit, andChairman Li LichongZeng Yuxia assistantAnd visited the company's product showroom.

Meijie companyFounded in Shunde, Guangdong Province in 1989, it integrates R & DProduction and sale of women andOne of the old brand domestic sanitary products enterprises of baby care products.Over the past 33 years, Meijie company has witnessed the development and changes of China's sanitary products market, always rooted in this industry and occupied its own place.Owned by"Meijie", "meiyijie" and "meiyueshuang" brandsSanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers and pull on pants and other products. At present, the company's own brands account for about 60%.

Meijie companyhavetwentyMultiple automatic sanitary napkin production lines,Focus on women's sanitary napkin business, adhere to the high-end line,Provide consumers with high-quality products

Over the years, Meijie company has paid attention to the growth of employees, adhered to people-oriented and relied onThe management mode of focusing on the production of sanitary products and paying attention to R & D and quality control has won a good reputation in the market. For the development and upgrading of the company, President Li also planned a new factory, which is currently under construction.


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