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Haoyue launches "customized" newborn baby's exclusive diapers


Haoyue launches "customized" newborn baby's exclusive diapers

February 23, 2022 Xinhua News Network

High end baby diaper brand of Hangzhou Haoyue nursing products Co., LtdThrough scientific research and innovation and selection of global high-quality raw materials, Mamamia Mamma Mia launched the "cute bear soft embrace growth series" baby diapers will be officially launched.

This new product is customized by age according to the needs of the baby at each stage. From the Nb size of diapers to the XXXL size of step-by-step pants, it has designed the product characteristics that meet the needs of the baby's growth, redefined the "customized" baby diapers, brought a new experience of scientific parenting for Baoma, and provided China Baobao with scientific, healthy, comfortable and considerate products and services to take care of the whole process of the baby's growth.

Since its establishment in 2009, Mamamia Mamma Mia has been devoting herself to research and development, adhering to the mission of creating high-quality baby diapers with "more technology and design", focusing on the research on the physical and mental growth of Chinese babies. In order to meet the growth needs of different babies, Mamamia Mamma Mia advocates customized R & D and design based on the growth needs of babies in subdivided fields, Strive to "Customize" exclusive baby diapers for Chinese babies.

In the future, Mamamia Mamma Mia ah will continue to uphold the craftsman spirit of "go wholeheartedly and achieve excellence", live up to expectations, forge ahead, polish products with ingenuity, tamp users with products, create the core competitiveness of products, and become a trusted baby diaper brand.


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