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The main manifestations of mechanical equipment failure

Introduction: Mechanical equipment is diverse and vulnerable to external elements in the application chain. Therefore, the diagnosis and maintenance of mechanical equipment is difficult. This article shares some efficient ways to solve mechanical equipment failures.

In the production process, mechanical equipment failure has certain manifestations, usually in the following aspects:


Abnormal equipment performance.

This failure form is mainly due to the poor power performance of the mechanical equipment, so that the equipment cannot operate normally. For example, the maximum speed of mechanical equipment shows a downward trend, and the acceleration performance gradually decreases, the fuel consumption increases, resulting in enhanced vibration and noise, unstable operation and the final equipment failure.


Abnormal equipment sound.

Usually, the failure of mechanical equipment will cause abnormal noise of the equipment. Therefore, the abnormal noise is usually the basis for judging the existence of faults. For example, when the noise is dull and accompanied by a certain vibration condition, it can be basically judged that there is a fault. At this time, the equipment should be turned off to ensure that the machinery is not operating, and then the diagnosis should be carried out. When the abnormal noise from some equipment is so slight that the staff cannot find out the existing problems efficiently, they should ask experienced personnel to carry out a diagnosis to keep the equipment running normally.


Temperature rise caused by the operation of mechanical equipment.

In the operation of mechanical equipment, the temperature of the mechanical equipment rises because of the friction of the components. Once the temperature rises to a certain level, it will have a certain impact on the normal operation of the equipment, causing the equipment can not operate normally.


Equipment oil leakage.

When some equipment failure, there will be oil, coolant, lubricating oil and other leakage conditions, and even cause the electrical system leakage conditions. This oil leakage condition is related to the rise of the equipment temperature, and the temperature will gradually rise with the oil leakage.

Equipment odor.

When equipment operation fails, a certain degree of odor is produced. When the odor spreads, it will attract the attention of the staff and subsequently deal with the failure in a timely manner. For example, some non-metallic materials in mechanical equipment will produce a certain burnt odor when they encounter high speed friction in the operation process. Once the electrical system and wires in the mechanical equipment burn down, there will also be a certain burning odor, and oil leakage will also cause a certain burnt smell, etc. These odors indicate the occurrence of faults and need to be diagnosed and eliminated in time.


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