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How to choose a mask?

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Introduction: There are several types of masks, but regardless of the type, the basic materials and review criteria are similar. This article will take you through how to choose a mask.

Choose according to dustproof efficiency.

The dust control efficiency of the mask is based on its efficiency in blocking fine dust, especially the breathing dust below 2.5 microns. Because dust of this particle size can directly enter the alveoli, it has the greatest impact on human health.

The dustproof principle of gauze masks is mechanical filtration, that is, when dust hits the gauze, some large particles of dust will be blocked in the gauze layer by layer. For some fine dusts, especially those smaller than 2.5 microns, they will enter the respiratory system through the cloth mesh.

The dust mask consists of an activated carbon fiber felt pad or non-woven fabric. Breathing dusts smaller than 2.5 microns are blocked in the process of passing through this filter material, which acts as an air filter.


Choose according to the closeness of the fit.

The mask's anti-side leak design is a technical element considered to prevent air from being drawn in through the gap between the mask and the human face and not through the filter. Air is like water flow, flowing first to the place of less resistance. When the shape of the mask does not fit the human face, dangerous substances in the air will leak into the human respiratory tract as usual.

Finally, even if you choose a mask with the best filter material. If it is worn incorrectly and has too many gaps, it will not be able to play the role of protection as well. Many foreign laws and regulations stipulate that workers should regularly test the density of the mask. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose the right mask and follow the correct steps to wear the mask.

Only choose the right mask to play a good protective role, otherwise the mask can only be used as a decorative item, no practical effect.


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