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How to pick diapers for newborn babies (0-6 months)?

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The skin of newborns is very delicate, accounting for only 1/10th of the thickness of adult skin, and at this time, newborns are not fully developed and are easily irritated and damaged. In addition, newborns in this age group have a high metabolism and sweat a lot. They sleep relatively long, even more than 10 hours a day. Therefore, newborns have very little activity. Basically, the diaper is always attached to the newborn's bottom.

Because newborns in this period have such characteristics, if the diapers are not chosen properly, they can easily cause skin problems on the baby's bottom, such as red bottom, which is more commonly seen, or cause allergies. Therefore, the most important thing in choosing diapers for newborns in this age group is the skin friendliness, softness, comfort and breathability of the diapers.

Newborns have very delicate skin. The contact surface layer should preferably be all natural, such as hot air nonwoven. Compared to traditional textile viscose nonwovens, they are fluffier, more elastic, softer to the touch and more permeable.

Although newborns urinate less, the diaper must keep the surface dry and comfortable due to the high frequency in addition to good absorption. Different brands of diapers have different infusion design technologies on the surface layer, and they are all designed to promote rapid absorption of urine into the next layer of the diaper. It increases the absorption area, accelerating urine absorption and faster urine penetration. After all, for newborns at this stage, both the skin and the daily life require comprehensive care and cleaning.


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