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Maintenance points of mechanical bearing of menstrual pants

(1) Strengthen the maintenance of mechanical bearings during menstruation.

For the maintenance process of mechanical equipment, the maintenance personnel shall first clean the mechanical bearing of menstrual pants, and then conduct other inspections to ensure that the subsequent maintenance work will not cause damage to it. In addition, make records of normal operation and previous faults. The specific method is to place it on the metal net after disassembly during cleaning, select appropriate tools such as brushes, clean the sundries and grease attached around, carefully observe the damage degree, and record and replace it in time.

(2) Add the mechanical bearing lubricant of menstrual pants.

Mechanical bearing of menstrual pants is a kind of precision component, which is affected by climate conditions in different seasons and regions. Therefore, maintenance personnel should carry out maintenance according to the changes of air humidity and temperature. Regularly apply lubricant, control the quantity and quality of lubrication in the oil pool of the pressure lubrication system, ensure sufficient oil supply of the pressure lubrication system, ensure the quality of lubricating oil, and regularly check the lubrication state.

(3) Understand the model and quality of mechanical bearing of menstrual pants.

In the process of mechanical maintenance, maintenance personnel should know the code and model of mechanical bearing during menstruation, so as to avoid using alternative models. During the work, after replacement, some burnt out occurred due to inconsistent models, or because the replacement bearing or its quality did not meet the requirements. Long term use of unqualified bearing accessories will damage mechanical equipment and reduce the service life of mechanical equipment. In addition, during the maintenance of mechanical equipment, new bearings should be selected, and their appearance and performance should be carefully checked before installation to ensure quality.

(4) Carefully handle the disassembly of mechanical connecting rod bearing of menstrual pants.

Many mechanical equipment use menstrual pants mechanical connecting rod bearings, which have strong performance, but are often easy to be damaged. And it is difficult to remove after damage, because the outer ring is still in the connecting rod hole after damage. During disassembly, the outer ring is its hard part, which will slip during processing, resulting in equipment damage. If the outer ring is directly knocked to remove, the connecting rod will be damaged. Therefore, maintenance personnel should carefully deal with the problem of disassembly. They can clamp the connecting rod with a vise, use a socket slightly larger than the size of the mechanical connecting rod bearing of menstrual pants on the other side, slowly increase the force, tighten the vise, and squeeze out the outer ring through the force of the vise to prevent equipment damage.

(5) Install the mechanical bearing of menstrual pants according to the specified steps.

Only by installing according to the specified steps can we ensure safe use and reduce consumption. For the non separating shaft, during the installation process, the inner ring and outer ring must be used as the foundation, calibrated accurately, and then proceed to the next installation work. Before installation, in order to ensure smooth installation, lubricate first, and then adjust the installation method according to the actual situation of installation. At present, China often adopts oil pressure method for mechanical installation. In contrast, the installation of mechanical bearings for separating menstrual pants is relatively simple, and only the inner and outer rings need to be installed separately. However, in the installation process, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, pay attention to the links prone to problems, ensure the safety of the shaft raceway and rolling element structure, and prevent the damage of these parts. Bearings are very common in mechanical equipment, with small volume, but there are also some with large volume. When installing these large volume bearings, pay attention to the pressure, master the heating method, and do a good job in temperature control to ensure smooth installation.


The mechanical bearing of menstrual pants is a fixed part. In the operation of mechanical equipment, it uses its central role to ensure the normal operation of other parts on the shaft. It is an important part to ensure the operation of mechanical equipment. The mechanical bearing of menstrual pants is also a high-precision product, which is prone to failure under high load. Therefore, staff need to strengthen daily maintenance and summarize common fault types and solutions.


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