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Frequent failures of tampon machine bearings

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Frequent failures of tampon machine bearings


(1)tampon machine bearing color change.

In the high load labor condition, tampon machine bearing will be in high temperature operation state, its own color may appear black, blue change. The reason for this situation is that the amount of lubricant added among them is not enough. tampon machine bearing installation, the inner and outer ring sliding friction, seat hole and journal are different, wear will occur during the work.

(2) tampon machine bearing inner and outer ring cracking.

If the tampon machine bearing is of poor quality or the selected steel itself has big problems, it may crack during high intensity operation. In addition, if there is great influence from outside or hard objects during installation and disassembly, tampon machine bearing will crack.

(3) tampon machine bearing rust.

If the seal device fails during operation and loses its protective effect on the tampon machine bearing, resulting in some external liquid entering the tampon machine bearing, it will lead to rusting.

(4) Broken ball and pitted raceway.

Because the middle distance reserved during the installation of tampon machine bearing ball does not meet the requirements, it is easy to be greatly affected during the operation. If the lubricant is mixed with hard things such as iron filings, the ball of which will be broken. In addition, if its lubrication treatment is not in place, the raceway will bear large friction, and the raceway will be pitted.

(5) The efficiency of tampon machine bearing decreases.

The flexibility of tampon machine bearing operation is reduced and cannot be rotated easily. Most of the reason is that the cleaning work is not done well, which leads to insufficient journal fit bores, tampon machine bearing deformation and reduced running efficiency.


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