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What should adult diapers pay attention to

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With the aging of Chinese society, the demand for adult diapers is also increasing. So, how should the elderly choose diapers?

1. Why choose suitable diapers for the elderly?

There are many similarities between the skin characteristics of the elderly and those of infants. With the aging of the body, the barrier function and self-healing function of the skin will decline.


When the skin of the elderly is stimulated by urine for a long time, it is easy to develop incontinence dermatitis, which is often called red ass.


Another study shows that incontinence dermatitis, as an important risk factor of pressure ulcer, can easily lead to pressure ulcer once it is not treated well, which not only brings pain to the elderly, but also greatly increases the medical burden and nursing difficulty. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right diaper for the elderly.


2. What principles should be followed in choosing diapers for the elderly?


(1) Select the appropriate type.

There are two common types of adult diapers: one is waist patch, which is suitable for the elderly who are bedridden all year round and those who have difficulty in moving and need the help of others. The other is to pull pants, which is more suitable for the elderly with strong self-care ability.


(2) Choose the right size.

The appropriate size can be selected according to the waist circumference, hip circumference, height, weight and other indicators of the elderly. The thighs and waist are neither too tight nor too loose, resulting in side leakage. It can be selected according to the reference table outside the package.


(3) Select appropriate materials.

When choosing diapers, not only do you see the clean appearance, you think the quality has passed. Attention should also be paid to whether the diaper meets the following requirements:


A large water absorption and good water locking performance.

In addition to selecting diapers with strong water absorption performance to prevent leakage, diapers with good water locking performance should also be selected. The water absorption and water locking functions of diapers are mainly determined by their absorption core. A good core can not only absorb and store a large amount of urine, but also have the function of reverse osmosis & mdash& mdash; After absorbing urine, urine will not seep back under external pressure to avoid long-term stimulation by urine.


B material is soft and breathable.

If you use bad materials for a long time, it is easy to cause skin allergy and some inflammation. Good materials usually have good air permeability and can keep the skin dry. At the same time, soft materials can also improve the comfort of the elderly and avoid skin wear.


(4) No obvious fragrance.

Because if the recycled materials in waste diapers are used, they usually have obvious fragrance after processing. At the same time, the recycled material itself contains a large number of viruses and bacteria, which can cause skin infection.


When choosing diapers for the elderly, we should buy them through formal channels according to the above principles, identify the price and quality, do not covet small and cheap, try to buy goods with reasonable prices, and avoid unnecessary pain and burden caused by the use of inferior diapers to the elderly and families.


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