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Kimberly-clark Bez customizes Incontinence care products for Chinese women


Kimberly-clark China, a global leader in healthcare, recently welcomed a new member of its brand family -- Bezi, a new brand dedicated to women's mild incontinence care. Behind the brand's entry into the Chinese market and debut of its products is the widespread demand for urinary incontinence, a problem faced by one in three women in the country.

Kimberly-clark is the founder and leader of the global incontinence care industry for nearly 40 years. Bezi, founded in 1992, is a global leader in women's incontinence care. Before entering the Chinese market with Bezi, Kimberly-Clark knew that a large number of Chinese women suffer from the embarrassment and distress of urinary incontinence.

In market research, Kimberly-Clark Bates found that many women simply use tissues or tampons because they don't want anyone to know they've leaked. But replacing professional care products with sanitary pads does little to ease the discomfort and embarrassment of urinary incontinence. The composition, consistency, flow rate and flow rate of urine and blood are completely different, so the materials used to absorb them must also be different, and sanitary pads cannot help women cope with leakage.

At the same time, Kimberly-Clark Bez understood that there was a wide gap in the market for mild incontinence care products for women. A recent survey in China targeted the use of "adult incontinence products" and found that only five out of 100 Chinese patients with incontinence had used diapers, far lower than the use rate in the United States and Western Europe. Adult incontinence care products only account for 3.7% of China's individual care market, far from meeting the needs of people with urinary incontinence problems. On the one hand, it is the urgent physiological needs of women, on the other hand, it is a huge market vacancy. Based on this, Kimberly-Clark Bez entered the Chinese market and brought care and care to Chinese women with professional products.

Based on consumer demand, Bezi launched the product portfolio for different urine leakage degrees and scenarios, including recessive lightweight type, ultra-thin lightweight type, extended medium weight type water absorbent towel, and water absorbent pants with a large amount of underwear. The surface layer material of Beizi women's water absorbent towel is light and breathable, absorbing capacity of one piece and three pieces of sanitary napkin, instant dry; The addition of tea tree extract can effectively eliminate odor; The girth and wing designed for Chinese women can better fix the displacement and side leakage, comfortable and reassuring. On the basis of the same surface material, Bezi women's absorbent pants have a large suction capacity, and the instantaneous core body is drier; In addition, absorbent pants are designed to fit the human body, without traces of wearing, and add leakage protection to prevent side leakage, bringing more intimate product options for a large number of people.

In the future, Kimberly-Clark Bates will continue to promote product development and innovation and further lead the market, so as to better meet the needs of Chinese women, helping women to maintain elegant posture and ease in life at any time.


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