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How to pick diapers for babies learning to crawl (6-12 months)?

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After 6 months of age, infants' activity level gradually increases. Not only are they able to roll over and sit alone, but they are also learning to crawl. At this time, if the infant is wearing an inappropriate diaper, such as a diaper with a leg circumference that is too loose or without an anti-side leakage edge, the infant will be prone to urine leakage and side leakage when moving around. If the leg circumference of the diaper is too tight, it can strangle the infant's thighs, causing them to rub and turn red and even damage the skin.

Therefore, the choice of diapers for babies of this age, in addition to soft, skin-friendly, breathable, diaper leak-proof design and fit is also a very important indicator to consider.

Some parents may ask: the more layers of leak-proof partitions, the better the leak-proof effect?

First of all, the more layers, the more leak-proof it is, but it also means that the thickness will increase and the softness will decrease. When using diapers, it is important to consider not only the leak-proofness, but also the wearability and comfort. If there are more layers of leak-proof partitions, it will definitely affect the comfort. Therefore, for diapers, it is not that the more layers of leak-proof partitions the better, but must be considered.

The role of the leak-proof partition is only to block the liquid leakage, not absorption. The space wrapped in a diaper is not closed, and it changes with the baby's movement. That is, if urine is not absorbed, leak-proof partitions may not completely prevent leakage.

Therefore, the leak-proof design of diapers has a core in addition to the leak-proof partition. The absorption speed, absorption and infusion effect of the core will directly affect the leak-proof effect of the diaper. If the absorption speed of the core is slow or the absorption effect is poor, reverse leakage, side leakage, etc. will easily occur.

In order to do a good job of leakage prevention measures, in addition to the choice of diaper material and performance, but also pay attention to the selection of the right size, the correct wear, adjust the waist circumference, leg circumference and leak-proof partition.


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Dalibor Hajdinjak