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Future development:intelligent diapers will lead the industry trend

With the development of smart technology, the concept of "smart +" has been integrated into all walks of life. In the mother and baby industry, smart toys, smart bottles, smart mattresses, smart watches and other products have taken up a certain market share. At present, many companies in the industry have invested in the research and development of smart diaper products, and some products have already appeared.

The product structure of smart diapers mainly includes diapers, smart chips, sensors, smart mobile devices and applications. Unlike traditional diapers, the intelligence of smart diapers is mainly reflected in meeting more needs of babies, such as wetting reminder, kicking quilt reminder, abnormal temperature reminder, etc. Professional and fine childcare is realized through technology.

At present, the mainstream smart diaper brands are:①Mama knows: using high-quality healthy diapers + urine reminder smart hardware + Mama knows app, three integrated patented technology to achieve intelligent functions;②Daddy Baby: Daddy Baby smart pants using baby smart chip for comprehensive testing of baby activities.

Dr. Xin Wang, Sullivan's global partner, vice president of global market strategic planning and president of China, pointed out that in the future, with the general improvement of Chinese consumer education and the deepening of the concept of consumer upgrading, parents of infants will have increasingly strong demand for the intelligence and quality of diapers. The functional needs of diapers will gradually change from the most basic absorption, dryness, softness and breathability to the needs of health, safety and intelligence. Therefore, more and more companies will invest more energy in researching, developing and innovating smart diapers, insisting on excellence and creating high quality diapers.


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