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How to pick diapers for babies learning to walk (1-2 years old)?

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When a baby is about one year old, the curiosity to explore the world increases further and they  want to learn to walk. At this time, it can be difficult to get your baby to lie still long enough for you to change their diapers, and even babies will start to hate lying down to change their diapers.

Most of the time, you just take off the diaper and start wiping your baby's bottom, and they quickly roll over, get up and leave. So at this time, we need diapers that are easy to put on, take off and change, like learning pants and pull-ups. It is designed to look similar to small underwear and can be put on and taken off directly. In addition, it is very easy to take off by tearing off the seams on both sides.

In addition, at this time, although the infant's movement increases and the amount of urination increases, its frequency of urination will be relatively lower, so the frequency of changing diapers will also be lower. Therefore, good absorbency of diapers is very important for infants of this age!

Whether a diaper can absorb is independent of its thickness. It depends mainly on the structure and technology of the diaper core. The key part of the diaper is the absorbent layer. It is absorbent because the absorbent core contains a large amount of water absorption factors.

Therefore, the key to the absorbent strength of the diaper is the core, which can be judged by the absorption speed of the diaper, the absorption effect, and whether there is leakage.


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