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Water absorbent resin - application field of water absorbent resin


Introduction: for sanitary products practitioners, water absorbent resin is no stranger. However, the application of water absorbent resin is not only in the field of health, but also in specific applications.

It is used in agriculture and horticulture

Super absorbent resin is used for agricultural and horticultural planting, also known as water retaining agent and soil conditioner. In countries with serious water shortage in the world, the application of water retaining agent is becoming more and more important.


Applied to medical and health care

It is mainly used as sanitary napkin, baby diaper, napkin and medical ice bag; It is used as a colloidal daily aromatic material to adjust the environmental atmosphere. Used as ointment, cream, wiping agent, Babu agent and other matrix medical materials, it has the functions of moisturizing, thickening, skin penetration and gel. It can also be made into an intelligent carrier to control the drug release amount, release time and release space.


Polymer water absorbent resin (hereinafter referred to as SAP) is a classical functional polymer material. SAP looks like a small bead with a diameter of only about 0.2mm. It can absorb water hundreds or even thousands of times its net weight. It has strong water holding capacity, which is also called super absorbent or super absorbent.


Sap has super strong water absorption capacity because super absorbent resin is a high molecular polymer with low crosslinking degree or partial crystallization of many hydrophilic groups. When the sap particle diameter is 100 ~ 120mesh (i.e. 0.212mm ~ 0.254mm), the absorption capacity is the best; When the pH value is 6 ~ 8, the absorption rate is the highest.


Sap of diaper suction layer is evenly mixed with fluff fiber. The balanced mixing of SAP and wool fibers can balance the absorption, prevent gel adhesion and hard spots penetrate the surface of the paper and prevent slipping between layers.


Industrial application

Industrial moisture-proof agent is made of super absorbent resin, high-temperature water absorption and low-temperature water release. In the oil field production operation, especially in the old oil field, the use of ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide aqueous solution has a very good oil displacement effect. It can also be used for dehydration of organic solvents, especially for organic solvents with small polarity. And industrial thickeners. Water soluble coatings, etc.


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