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What are the safety management regulations for operators of machine of pad with wings?

In order to ensure that no work-related accidents occur, not only should the equipment itself meet the safety requirements, but the operators are required to strictly follow the safety operating procedures. Of course, the safe operating procedures of machine of pad with wings vary depending on their type, but the basic safety rules are as follows.


  1. Wear personal protective equipment correctly. What should be worn must be worn, and what should not be worn should not be worn. For example, during processing, female workers are required to wear cap protectors; if they don't wear them, they may curl their hair in. At the same time, do not wear gloves, if they do, the rotating part may strangle the gloves and make the hands injured.


  1. The equipment should be checked for safety before operation and run empty to make sure it is normal before putting it into operation.


  1. Safety inspection should also be carried out during operation in accordance with the regulations. Especially for fastened objects, check whether they are loose due to vibration so that they can be fastened.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to run with malfunction, never make up to use, in order to prevent accidents.


     5.machine of pad with wings Safety devices must be used correctly according to the regulations, never remove without use.


  1. The tools, fixtures, processing parts, etc. used must be mounted firmly and must not be loosened.


  1. When running, it is strictly forbidden to adjust by hand; no hand measurement of parts or lubrication, cleaning debris. If necessary, the device should be closed first.


  1. When running, the operator shall not leave the work station, in case there is no one to deal with the problem.


  1. 9. After the work is finished, the switch should be closed, the tools and workpieces should be withdrawn from the work position, the workplace should be cleaned, the parts and fixtures should be placed neatly, and the machine of pad with wingsequipment should be cleaned.


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