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The main seven kinds of injuries of three-piece sanitary napkin machine

Introduction: When using three-piece sanitary napkin machine, if you are not careful, it can often result in very terrible consequences. This article focuses on the seven main injuries of accidents so that operators can understand as a safety precaution.

Damage caused by parts during rotational movement.

For example, the gears, supporting pulleys, pulleys, chucks, shafts, light rods, screws and other parts in three-piece sanitary napkin machineequipment are rotating. The main form of injury to personnel caused by rotational motion is strangulation and object injury.


Damage caused by the linear motion of parts.

For example, forging hammer, punching machine, cutting sheet metal. Pressure parts, bullhead planer bed head. The gantry journal bed and bridge crane large, small car and lift - a few structures, etc., are linear motion. Damage caused by straight-line moving parts mainly include crushing, bruising and extrusion.


Tool damage caused by.

For example, the turning tool on the lathe, milling machine on the milling tool, drill bit on the drill press, grinding wheel on the grinder, saw blade on the saw are used to process parts of the tool. Damage caused by machining parts mainly includes burns, puncture wounds and cuts.


Damage caused by machining parts.

In the process of processing parts, the equipment may cause injury to the person, such injuries mainly include: the parts being processed are not firmly fixed, such as lathe chuck clamps are not secure, the rotation will throw the workpiece out to injure the staff. In the process of lifting and loading and unloading, the machined parts may cause smashing problems


Damage caused by the electrical system.

Most of the equipment used in the factory is electrical energy, so each device has its own electrical system. It mainly includes motors, distribution boxes, switches, buttons, local lighting, grounding wires and feeder wires. The main damage to people from electrical systems is electric shock.


Injuries caused by hand tools.


Other injuries.

In addition to causing the above-mentioned injuries, the equipment may also cause other injuries. For example, some three-piece sanitary napkin machinein use with strong light. High temperature, some chemical energy release. Radiation energy and dust toxic hazards may cause harm to humans.


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Dmitry Lepisov