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Selection criteria for cotton soft skin-friendly sanitary napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

As we all know, germs multiply particularly fast. If menstrual blood stays on the overall surface layer of the sanitary napkin for 1 second longer, germs are likely to survive and multiply. The faster menstrual blood is absorbed, the safer it is. Therefore, what are the most important basic guidelines for choosing cotton soft skin-friendly sanitary napkins?

Criterion 1: Cleanliness - Cleanliness - no germs, dust or other unknown chemicals

It is not recommended to use a variety of scented sanitary napkins (all kinds of scented, sweet, medicinal or nominally deodorizing); Products such as negative ions and nano-silver; it is not recommended to use products that have not been medically discussed for their medicinal value. Usually, not only can they not cure gynecological diseases, but they themselves become the source of the disease; it is not recommended to use fluff pulp and black core cotton solid layer; It is recommended to use special cost-effective products. You get what you pay for. The cost is there. The products that are especially cost-effective are often manufactured by chemical factories with fluorescent agents.


Criterion 2: Quick, soothing and non-humid

It is not recommended to use strong moisturizing and hydrating products. Without considering other factors, the overall surface layer of cotton soft must be comfortable and faster, and it is the most suitable material for the raw material of the overall surface layer. It is also the most common material used by various world-renowned brands on the market. Others have a certain amount of hydration, and the medical gauze is too rough.


Criterion 3: High absorption capacity, no side leakage and reverse osmosis

It is not recommended to buy thick ones. The more expensive sanitary napkin is to absorb the core, the higher the cost and capital investment, the greater the intake. Now the new technology application is released, the good absorption core is an integrated core, and the polymer material used is hygroscopic particulate matter. very thin. The traditional fluff pulp structure commonly used in sanitary napkins that are too thick is not very absorbent.


From the 3 criteria, it seems that the most basic and important criterion to understand sanitary napkins is to be dry. Therefore cotton soft skin-friendly sanitary napkin is the best commodity for most ladies to use.


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