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5 misconceptions of machine of sanitary napkins with chips lubrication

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Lubrication is the top priority of machine of sanitary napkins with chips daily management. Equipment lubrication is an effective way to reduce equipment wear and tear, improve equipment operating efficiency, and save materials and energy. However, in practice, many companies do not pay enough attention to this issue, and even have many misunderstandings, which eventually lead to certain economic losses. For equipment lubrication, understand and avoid these common misunderstandings, will make the daily maintenance work with half the effort. The following equipment lubrication myths, see how many you have been shot?

01Equipment lubrication is oiling.

Lubrication is more than just refueling. It is a comprehensive use of fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, materials science, applied mathematics, chemical physics and other basic theories, the study of lubrication principles, lubricating materials and lubrication methods to control harmful friction and wear of science. Refueling is only part of lubrication.


02 The more lubrication, the better.

Considering some of the side effects of lubricants, the amount of refueling must be strictly controlled. For example, in gearboxes, the depth of the gear penetrating the oil should be 1~2 teeth high and the amount of high speed refueling should be less in order to better reduce the resistance and oil temperature increase in gear operation.


03 Lubricants can replace each other.

High speed, oil wedge forming ability machine and equipment should use low viscosity lubricant; when machine and equipment friction surface unit area load is large, should use high viscosity, good oil lubricating oil.

When the working environment temperature is high, should use viscosity, high flash point, good oil, strong stability of the lubricant or drop point high grease;.

machine of sanitary napkins with chips the smaller the gap between the two of the friction surface layer, the lower the viscosity of the lubricant; the rougher the friction surface layer, the greater the viscosity of the lubricant, the smaller the working taper of the lubricant; pressure cycle lubrication, the higher the oil temperature, the higher the viscosity.


04 Lubricants cannot be mixed

Various lubricants have different additives, including antioxidants, binders, oil additives and extreme pressure additives. Different types and brands of lubricants mixed together may cause chemical reactions in the oil, thus losing the role of additives and damaging the proper effect of the lubricant.


05machine of sanitary napkins with chips Lubrication is bound to have leaks.

Lubricants are used to lubricate machinery and equipment, but they also bring with them the paradox of oil leaks. However, people are not helpless against oil leaks, and there are many ways and means to prevent them. This requires operators to pay enough attention to pass technical standards, or be able to achieve equipment lubrication and prevent leaks.


machine of sanitary napkins with chips lubrication is an indispensable part of the maintenance of machinery in daily operation, operators and managers need to pay attention to the use of the process, to understand the misunderstanding, reduce the frequency of failure, and better economic benefits.


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