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Characteristics of liquid sanitary napkins

Liquid sanitary napkins are an innovative type of menstrual napkin. It has a liquid name, but there is no liquid inside. It is different from the cotton lint chemical fiber used in the traditional type of aunt napkin. Inside the digestive and absorbent raw materials are innovative liquid raw materials, which are made of pure water and nano-molecular polymer vaporized according to emulsification technology, and these raw materials are in the shape of porous structure similar to memory sponge. Let's learn what its characteristics are.


1.Very thin

Generally, the net weight of liquid sanitary napkin for daily use is only less than 5 grams, which is almost as light as nothing, and it is much thinner than the general aunt towel.


2.Strong absorption capacity

The structure of liquid sanitary napkin is divided into front and back layers. The top layer is a large hole, which can quickly infiltrate the name of the remarks to the next layer. The bottom layer is a small hole, and the infiltrated blood is quickly averaged and dispersed in all the bottom layers. The liquid that is digested and absorbed usually sinks. At the bottom layer, that ensures that the blood is not easy to deposit on the surface of the sanitary napkin and seep out.


3.Soothing surface

Because of the characteristics of liquid sanitary napkin, the digestion and absorption are fast, and the penetration into the next layer is also fast, so the surface layer can always maintain a relatively comfortable condition and is more breathable.


4.Elasticity is hard to deform

It is formed by digesting and absorbing raw materials of polymer materials, so it is more elastic and less deformable than ordinary pure cotton aunt towel.


Overall, liquid sanitary napkins are not only a level up from general care products, with fewer and fewer defects improved, the advantages continue to become greater and must be the new development trend in the future.


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