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Touch comfort of baby nappy

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Introduction:Touch comfort is one of the most important bases for judging the advantages and disadvantages of baby diapers. Contact comfort refers to the physiological sensation when in contact with the fabric or garment. Its effect is often in the form of local irritation and pressure, which can seriously produce a chain reaction and lead to physical and mental discomfort. This paper analyzes the current status of contact comfort evaluation.

1.Hand feel evaluation

The complex causes of fabric hand are closely related to its various mechanical properties under low stress, which significantly affect its contact comfort. At present, the evaluation of baby nappy's hand is mainly carried out from two aspects: the prediction of the hand of the surface material and the change of the hand after wetting.

At present, some researchers predict the hand feel of non-woven fabrics in the absorbent area and non-absorbent area in dry and wet states through surface properties, compression properties, and anti-reverse osmosis properties, and verify the accuracy of the hand feel prediction model.

Due to the urine storage function, the wearer can keep wearing it even when wet, and the change of the contact feeling before and after wetting is also worth studying. Some scholars have used the KES-F system to study the changes in sensation after urine absorption, and found that the compressibility increases linearly, and the feeling is hard; the thermal conductivity and maximum heat flux increase, and the feeling of cold increases. The research replaces the KES-F measurement system with equipment such as the U-test universal tensile tester to measure the changes in the compressive properties and heat transfer properties after wetting. The results showed that the data measured by the two methods showed similar trends.


2.Contact stimulus assessment

baby nappy Contact stimulation to human skin will affect the skin health of the wearer, especially for infants and young children whose stimulation ability is significantly lower than that of adults. Babies, as one of the main wearers, do not have the ability to express language, so it is difficult to implement the traditional subjective evaluation method of sensory evaluation. Some scholars have tried to quantify the contact stimuli through the contact pressure of baby nappy to the skin and the contact pressure and friction of rubbing the skin. Based on this, they studied the dynamics of contact stimuli with leg movement in different structures worn by infants. The results showed that the magnitude of the contact stimuli was not only closely related to the infant's leg movement, but also closely related to the structure.


In summary, baby diaper contact comfort involves two levels: feel and contact stimulation. The feel mainly depends on its surface material, and the internal structure is more complex. A clothing feel evaluation system can be introduced to evaluate and assist in screening and optimizing surface materials. Contact stimulation is not only related to the surface material, but also influenced by the pressure of baby diapers on the body and the user's movement state. Currently, the improvement of contact comfort is mainly achieved through the optimization of surface materials. The liquid moisture transfer and diffusion properties and impermeability of the surface material have a positive influence on the improvement of contact comfort. Based on this, the softness of the surface material to improve the softness of the surface material or give it antimicrobial properties, which is the direction of future efforts of the researchers.


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