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The main components of baby panties

# baby pants

Introduction: With the realization of an all-round well-off society and the opening of the three-child policy, it is not difficult to find that future baby products have great potential for development. Beginners in the mother and baby industry and soon-to-be parents are learning about it in advance. For them, they often focus on one important question - what are baby briefs?

1. Composition of baby briefs

First of all, it is a liquid absorption control system composed of multi-layer nonwoven materials. According to its specific structure, it can be divided into surface layer, absorbent core layer, bottom membrane, edge and infusion layer.


2. Absorption principle of baby underwear

The absorption principle of diapers is to use the functional matching of each layer of nonwoven materials to meet the gradual absorption process. When artificial urine is poured into the sample specimen, the urine first touches the surface material and diffuses horizontally and vertically along the nonwoven material, then the liquid flows through the surface layer to the infusion layer material and finally is absorbed by the absorbent polymer in the core layer.


3. Composition of absorbent core

The conventional absorbent core consists of a fleece pulp and an absorbent polymer, and the polymer is dispersed on the fleece pulp. After artificial urine enters the absorbent layer, it contacts the fluff pulp and rapidly absorbs and diffuses the urine through the action of capillaries. Then the polymer inside the core will absorb the artificial urine delivered by the fluff pulp, and the fluff pulp will resume drying before the next absorption. As the artificial urine continues to diffuse to the base membrane, gas molecules of small diameter can diffuse to the outer world, increasing its permeability because the diameter of liquid molecules is larger than that of the microporous membrane.


4. The role of the top layer

As the first layer of fluid absorption, the surface layer is the beginning of the whole process of fluid absorption. Its main function is to gradually absorb urine or other liquids and transfer them to the underlying structure. During use, it comes into direct contact with the baby's delicate skin while absorbing and transferring fluids to ensure a relatively dry and soft surface. The reverse osmosis of the diaper needs to be strictly controlled, otherwise it can easily cause eczema and other symptoms.


5. The role of hot air nonwovens

The production process for hot air nonwovens is that the fibers are loosened, carded into a web, and then reinforced by hot air heating to form a dry nonwoven. The resulting hot air nonwoven has a good three-dimensional spatial structure with many through holes, low density and loose structure, and can temporarily store liquid mass about 10 times. The short penetration time of artificial urine facilitates the rapid transfer of urine. In terms of process, by adjusting the fiber arrangement structure of the fiber network, the nonwoven fabric can be made to have better flow-conducting properties.

The above factors are the basis for judging whether baby underwear meets the standards, and remembering these points can give more confidence in the process of selection.


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