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Reasonable suggestions for organic cotton sanitary napkin machine lubrication

Scientific management can effectively improve organic cotton sanitary napkin machine efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and improve economic efficiency. Let's take a look at the reasonable lubrication suggestions for organic cotton sanitary napkin machine.


01 Develop reasonable lubrication system and organic cotton sanitary napkin machine lubrication standard.

Only specify reasonable lubrication system and lubrication standard can reduce waste, lower cost, reduce failure frequency and enhance economic efficiency.


02 High-performance lubricants should be used for lubrication.

Although high performance lubricants are more expensive, they can effectively reduce the number of maintenance of organic cotton sanitary napkin machine in actual use.


03 Dare to innovate and reasonably improve the original organic cotton sanitary napkin machine lubrication design.

Oil change by time is simple to manage, but costly. Oil change by quality requires regular monitoring of oil quality. According to the principle of reasonable lubrication, the management is complicated, but the waste caused by premature oil change can be avoided. Especially after switching to quality oil, its service life is many times longer than that of low-grade oil.


04 Multi-stage lubricants are used to reduce wear.

The use of multi-stage lubricants, rather than a single form, ensures that the effectiveness of the lubricants is not reduced by different types, and can be targeted to effectively improve maintenance efficiency.


05 Promote the use of solid lubricants.

In practice, the use of powders and films to reduce wear between gears is called solid lubrication. Typical examples of solid lubrication are inlaid bearings, with the advantages of long service life, high temperature resistance, no pollution, etc. In practice, no lubricant can be added.

organic cotton sanitary napkin machine Lubrication is a small part of the routine maintenance indispensable.


Only the correct understanding of lubrication, reasonable and scientific lubrication, in order to ensure the normal and safe operation of organic cotton sanitary napkin machine, and effectively improve the economic efficiency of production.


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