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Function of bamboo charcoal sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkin is an object that is closely associated with ladies. And bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin is a very popular item among the public. The bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin is an innovative sanitary napkin developed by national universities, hospital clinics and companies. The article describes the efficacy of its key bamboo charcoal chip.

① It can prevent bacteria and taste

As we all know, the chemical structure of carbon is relatively loose and has pores, so it has strong adsorption capacity. Sometimes in order to better deodorize the refrigerator, you can wrap the carbon in sand cloth and put it into people's refrigerator! Bamboo charcoal can also absorb moisture and breathe air.


② Air purification, anion

It can produce negative ions beneficial to the body, activate the basic metabolism of the body, promote the circulatory system of blood cells, avoid the aging of the body, calm the mind and help sleep, and adjust the mood.

Bamboo charcoal sanitary napkins

③ It can emit far infrared rays, which is very beneficial to the body

The pure natural far-infrared ray released from bamboo charcoal can make the body more warm. It has great effects on the blood circulation system and activating the body cells, and has a great help to the human body!


④ Blocking electromagnetic wave and anti-static effect

It can adjust the pH and pH in the human body!


Bamboo charcoal chip sanitary napkin sounds very general, but its high-tech and functions are not as simple as its name. On the contrary, it can add a lot of high-efficiency functions to the basic functions of sanitary napkin.


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