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Main structure of disposable diaper

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Although there are many brands of disposable diapers on the market, the performance of products is also different. But for its main structure, it is basically common. From top to bottom, disposable diapers are the surface layer, guide layer, upper toilet paper, the mixture of fluff pulp and super absorbent resin (SAP), lower toilet paper and leak proof bottom film. Among them, the upper and lower layers of toilet paper together with the mixture of fluff pulp and SAP constitute its absorption core layer.

Surface layer


The surface layer is a disposable diaper layer nonwoven material. In the process of use, most of the parts in contact with the skin use es hot-rolled or hot-air nonwoven materials, and a few use pure cotton spunlaced nonwoven materials. As a structure in direct contact with human skin, the surface layer mainly plays the role of separation and penetration. Therefore, the surface course is generally required to have the characteristics of good water permeability, good softness and effective prevention of bacterial reproduction.


Diversion layer


The guide layer is located between the surface layer and the absorption core layer of the disposable diaper, which is mainly made of ES fiber or thermoplastic fiber. The guide layer can help the urine penetrate rapidly from the surface layer, guide the urine to diffuse longitudinally along the disposable diaper, and make the urine diffuse evenly to all places, so as to increase the effective absorption area of the absorption core layer.

The main structure of the diaper

Absorption core


In disposable diapers, there is a material between the guide layer and the leak proof bottom film, which is the absorption core layer. It is mainly composed of two layers of toilet paper or nonwovens wrapped with fluff pulp and super absorbent resin (SAP). At present, due to the universal application of double-layer composite structure in the market, most of the mixtures of sap and fluff pulp in the absorption core layer adopt this structure. The upper layer is a super absorbent resin with high absorption and high liquid protection, and the lower layer is a high-pressure high flux liquid absorbent resin. The ratio of upper and lower sap is mainly 4:6.5:5 and 6:4. Different SAP ratios have great differences in performance. As the core structure of the whole structure, the absorption core layer plays the role of absorbing and storing a large amount of urine. Its absorption performance directly affects the absorption quality and service time of products.


Leak proof bottom film


The leak proof bottom film is located at the bottom of disposable diapers and mainly adopts PE composite bottom film or PP breathable microporous film. The leak proof bottom film should not only prevent urine from seeping out, but also have good air permeability.


The basic structure is the basic framework of disposable diaper production. Only by strengthening the basic framework and ensuring the perfect work of each part can we further optimize the specific performance and improve the competitiveness of products.


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