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Classification of mechanical diagnostic parameters of cotton sanitary napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

Fault diagnosis parameters refer to the effective characteristic parameters used to judge the mechanical and technical state and fault of cotton sanitary napkins, which can be divided into direct diagnosis parameters and indirect diagnosis parameters.

(1) Direct diagnostic parameters

It refers to the parameters that can directly reflect the fault state of the device, such as machine tool machining accuracy, productivity, oil pump efficiency, diesel engine power, etc. Generally speaking, direct diagnosis parameters are relatively easy to detect, but various parameter indexes are often less sensitive to early fault response. For example, some major components may have defects before affecting the performance of the device, but they are not necessarily reflected in the direct diagnostic parameters. Therefore, direct diagnosis parameters are generally difficult to find early faults. In addition, such fault characteristic parameters can only be used to judge the working capacity of the equipment, can only indicate whether there is a fault, and can not judge the fault location, fault form and fault cause.

Sanitary napkins of pure cotton material

(2) Indirect diagnostic parameters

Indirect diagnosis parameters refer to the parameters that indirectly respond to faults, also known as secondary effect parameters. During the operation of cotton sanitary napkin machinery, some additional motion characteristics will be produced. Such as vibration, noise, temperature and power, which can indirectly reflect the fault state of the equipment, which is called secondary effect parameter.


For indirect diagnostic parameters, there will be different indicators to describe it. For example, vibration indicators include displacement, velocity, acceleration, noise, ultrasound, acoustic emission, temperature difference, thermal image, temperature field, voltage, current, power, frequency, phase, capacitance, resistance, inductance, etc. As the secondary effect parameter of fault signal, how to reasonably select the characteristic parameter is a very important problem in fault diagnosis.


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