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Purchasing skills of postpartum sanitary napkins

Introduction: the quality discrimination of postpartum sanitary napkins includes materials, well-known brands, design schemes, types and sizes, production date, disinfection and sterilization, environmental sanitation level, etc. when purchasing, you should pay attention to all aspects:


  • At the material level, it is the same as the general aunt towel. They are divided into soft cotton and comfortable mesh. Because everyone's constitution is different, their feelings about sanitary napkins will also be different. For example, some people feel comfortable on the net surface, some people think that the net surface is uncomfortable in contact with the skin, and some people have skin allergies to drug aunt towels. Therefore, we should choose the most suitable type according to the specific feeling of our own use.


  • Select well-known brands. Reliable brands are very timely at each key point. Therefore, when expectant mothers can't distinguish, it is proposed to choose high-end well-known brands to ensure certain quality.

Postpartum sanitary napkins

  • Choose your own design. Every well-known brand has different design schemes for its own goods. There are different design schemes for different goods. Check the different styles in detail and choose the comfortable design scheme suitable for yourself.


  • Different types and sizes are used in different stages. Postpartum sanitary napkins are classified into three types: large, medium and small. In the process of purchasing aunt's napkins, it is generally proposed to purchase all three types, and use different types in different time ranges to make expectant mothers most comfortable.


  • Pay attention to the production date and reasonable date. The storage period of postpartum sanitary napkins is not very long, so we should pay attention to when the production date is, and we can't buy those that are fast overdue. After all, it takes a long time for pregnant women from waiting for birth to production.


In short, pay attention to all aspects when buying. You must not buy postpartum sanitary napkins with any problems.


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