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Preparation of nonwoven materials for each layer of baby pants

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Baby pants are bound to deal with non-manufactured materials in the production process. How to make full use of the properties of non-woven materials must be an in-depth understanding of the preparation and properties of each layer of non-woven materials for infant underwear.

The composition and configuration of each layer of nonwoven material

In the composite absorbent core layer, the first layer material should balance the longitudinal diffusion and vertical penetration of liquid in baby pants to make full use of the absorbent core layer and create conditions for subsequent multiple liquid absorption. By reading a lot of relevant literature, thermally bonded nonwovens are beneficial to guide the liquid to diffuse in the longitudinal direction of the material, and cellulosic materials can enhance the penetration of liquids in the vertical direction of the material. Therefore, according to relevant literature research, combined with the advantages of the two materials, the structure of the first layer of the composite absorption core layer material is designed as a double-layer fiber mesh composite structure, the upper layer is 25g/m2ES fiber mesh, the lower layer is 35g/m2ES and adhesive Fiber blend web. The first layer materials of the three structures are designed according to the different mixing ratios of ES and viscose fibers in the lower web.

The materials of the second layer and the third layer of the composite absorbent core layer mainly play the role of liquid absorption and liquid retention, and their fiber components are SAF and binder fibers. According to the different ratios of SAF fibers to binder fibers, three structures of the second layer material and three structures of the third layer material are designed.

Nonwoven materials

Preparation of Nonwovens for Each Layer

Nonwovens can be carded, airlaid or wetlaid through consolidation processes such as thermal bonding, needle punching or hydroentangling. In many drying processes, the fibers of the web are arranged longitudinally, and the orientation is the best; the cross-folded web can adjust the direction of the fiber arrangement to form a certain chaotic fiber web; the air-flow web fibers are arranged in a three-dimensional disorder, and the material is basically isotropic. Among many reinforcement processes, the hot air reinforcement process uses hot air to penetrate the fiber web for thermal melting. The material has high bulkiness, good air permeability, high porosity, and large pore size. The acupuncture reinforcement process uses the edge tape to repeatedly puncture, so that the fibers form a flexible entanglement. knot, the process material has good dimensional stability and good air permeability.

Thus, the first layer of material in the composite absorbent core will be parallel carded and air-strengthened. The structure in which the fibers are arranged in parallel in the first layer of material can guide the liquid to diffuse vertically along the material, and the fluffy structure can slow down the penetration rate of the liquid in the vertical direction of the material and improve the impermeability.


Hot air or hot rolled reinforced SAF nonwoven material has slow inhalation speed, and SAF fibers are broken after inhalation; needle punched reinforced SAF nonwoven material has fast inhalation speed, and SAF fibers remain intact form after inhalation, because the bonding of hot air nonwoven material and the rolling point of hot rolled nonwoven material obstruct the continuous passage of liquid, and the loose structure of hot air and hot rolled nonwoven material makes the material as the skeleton material The loose structure of the hot air and hot rolled nonwoven material prevents the fibers as the backbone material in the material from firmly locking the highly expanded SAF fibers after inhalation. The flexible entanglement of the needle-punched nonwoven fibers, with good dimensional stability and continuous fluid-conducting channels, facilitates the guidance of fluid diffusion for better performance of the baby briefs.


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