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Development history of diapers

# Diapers

As we all know, diapers were not recognized when they were invented. Because its manufacture is too simple, it is very different from today's performance. Well, one might wonder: when did people begin to accept diapers? Let's review its development.

first generation

First generation: in 1961, wing diapers were born in the air. This one was developed by P & G of the United States. The liquid penetration layer is mainly composed of nonwovens. At the same time, fluff pulp is used as the absorption layer and fixed with safety needle. This is also the first baby diapers in the world.

Second generation

In the 1980s, the application of polymer water absorbent materials changed the mainstream manufacturing process at that time. The mother Yinning moony series of UNIKA in Japan introduced polymer water absorbent resin into the products for the first time. At present, the second generation core still has certain technical limitations in terms of absorption speed, anti reverse osmosis, thickness and core strength.

Third generation

Since 2012, many domestic manufacturers have launched the third generation core. Because its composite core structure is similar to lamination, there will be some adhesives to combine. After absorbing water, the core will spread around, so there will be no lump, but will expand as a whole. Some people believe that this will bring the disadvantage of turning the wearer into an O-shaped leg, based on its structure is not loose.

Diaper history

Other related developments

Agaone angay, a high-end baby diaper brand developed by cha hospital, the top mother and baby hospital in South Korea, adopts honeycomb three-dimensional embossed structure (HDS honeycomb diversion system) on the inner surface. On the one hand, it can dredge urine evenly and quickly. On the other hand, its concave convex structure surface also reduces the contact area between diapers and skin, helps air flow and keeps the baby's buttocks dry.

Chemical adhesives are used to prevent absorption volume aggregation and fracture. Some products adopt core warp physical fault prevention technology, use fiber interleaving structure to divert liquid, and realize no accumulation and fault of products with 100% physical structure. In addition, & ldquo; Anjaiyi & rdquo; Further, air laidsap air instant suction fiber technology is adopted, and the polymer absorber is combined with the air flow mesh fiber to produce binuclear suction, which can instantly absorb the urine and fix the urine. In this way, even if the amount is large, the urine will not overflow or seep back.


After three generations of development, at present, diapers have been basically improved in terms of liquid absorption and other performance, and turned to optimize the wearer's comfort experience. Even some manufacturers have begun to develop in the direction of product intelligence. We have reason to believe that the next generation of diapers is coming.


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