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Development of bread coating on infant underwear

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The surface coating includes surface nonwovens and side water proof cloth. The most important function of this part is to improve the air permeability inside the baby's underwear, so that the water and heat emitted by the body can be discharged in time, so as not to stimulate the baby's skin and cause eczema and hip redness.

Function of surface coating

The surface of baby underwear is usually uniform, soft, comfortable, good liquid absorption and prevent back seepage. Uneven surface will accelerate liquid penetration and will not form a diffusion zone. All liquids may be concentrated in the middle. When the maximum volume is reached, SAP stops absorbing liquid, which will reduce the liquid transmission and short-term liquid storage capacity, and eventually lead to increased urine back osmosis.


Characteristics of hot air bonded nonwovens

Hot air bonded nonwovens are bonded through fiber indirect contact, without external force, soft and close to the skin, no fluff, fast liquid penetration and fast drying. The fiber bonding temperature is low and easy to control. The large quantity and high price of products are welcomed by baby underwear manufacturers. If the hot air bonded nonwovens are improved into three-dimensional shape in the later stage, they will be more popular among high-end users. Some manufacturers press out patterns on the surface of hot-air bonded nonwovens to improve absorption, wear resistance and hair resistance. Some enterprises obtain soft and breathable products by adding ES fiber or using ES fiber.


Characteristics of Spunbonded Nonwovens

The baby underwear processed by spunbonded nonwovens has good three-dimensional effect and high drying performance. Antibacterial agents can be added to the raw materials, and the surface can be prepared successfully. Without affecting the output, the production process can be removed and the production cost can be reduced. If the pores are processed on the surface, the softness and liquid transmission performance of the diaper can be further improved without the problem of back seepage.


Current development of baby underwear

At present, the manufacturing of Asian baby underwear mostly adopts embossing, spunbonded, SMS and elastic materials, replacing the previous generations of hot-air bonding materials, which greatly improves the comfort and softness.

With the development of nonwoven technology, the application of SMS technology on the surface of baby underwear will have the characteristics of fluffy, soft and good water absorption, improve the wear resistance of spunbonded layer, can be treated, and its characteristics are multifunctional. At present, the new product is often used as the surface of high-grade sanitary napkins and diapers.

Some manufacturers have added some special materials in the processing of textile adhesives, melt spray and SMS Nonwovens, especially polypropylene melt spray nonwovens, such as the metallocene based homopolymer resin achievetm launched by ExxonMobil. Under the same extrusion power, the screw can use 50% higher rotational speed (RPM) than the traditional melt blown process. On the basis of not reducing the water resistance, the amount of compressed air can be reduced to 33%, and the production cost can be greatly reduced. Even if the weight is reduced by 15%, it can maintain air permeability as usual.


At this stage, the market likes baby underwear with soft and fluffy surface. The surface of the product is thick, the surface tension is large, and the liquid is not easy to slide. In order to improve the adsorption capacity of the surface layer, some brands have designed embossed patterns or pores on the surface of high-end products.


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