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Testing and requirements for color fastness of spandex for baby diapers

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Due to the more and more extensive application of spandex, there is no corresponding international, national or industrial test standard for Spandex Products at home and abroad. Therefore, based on the relevant performance testing, this paper puts forward the following performance index testing suggestions for spandex for baby diapers, and provides a certain testing method.

Color fastness test

In order to meet the needs of color, traditional spandex needs to be colored later, but because there is no dye-friendly group in its molecular structure, the disadvantage of traditional spandex is that the dyeing performance is weak and the color fastness is also poor. In recent years, consumers have turned their attention to the color of fabrics, and have higher and higher requirements for them, and also have higher and higher requirements for the dyeing of products. In this case, dyestuff is added to the polyurethane by dope dyeing, and it is a non-dyeing spandex for sanitary materials that does not need to be re-dyed for subsequent use.

When textile raw materials or products with poor color fastness encounter water, perspiration or friction, the dyes are easy to fall off and fade, which not only affects the appearance, but also the fallen heavy metal ions and other substances are harmful to the human body because of themselves, and it is easy to Absorbed by the skin, it will bring hidden dangers to human health. As the main elastic material constituting baby diaper, it is necessary to examine its color fastness properties.

Color fastness detection of spandex

Hygiene Standard Requirements

baby diaper As a disposable sanitary product used by special groups such as infants and the elderly, it is in direct contact with the user's private parts, and its quality is directly related to the user's health. Therefore, it is of great significance to detect its health quality. As one of the raw materials of baby diaper, spandex should be non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. Microbial indicators can directly reflect the contamination of products, involving the total number of bacterial colonies and the bacteriostatic rates of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus, fungi and Salmonella.


With the continuous expansion of application fields, people put forward higher requirements for the properties of materials. Spandex with differentiation, function and high added value will be a new development direction. Standardizing and improving the detection methods and evaluation system of differentiated performance, truly, accurately and efficiently reflecting differentiated performance, and analyzing the factors affecting product performance and differentiated product development have important guiding significance, so as to provide strong technical support for further expanding the wide application of spandex in downstream industries and better promote and promote the development of relevant industries.


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