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Structure and purchase principle of baby diapers

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Baby diapers are easy to use. Once they come out, they are immediately loved by young parents. With the increase of per capita income, the consumption concept also began to change. Baby diapers have become the best choice for parents after the 1990s. It can be said that they are one of the indispensable sanitary products in the process of baby growth. Since the emergence of products, while the functions have been continuously improved, the varieties have become more and more abundant. How to choose a qualified product suitable for babies is also worth considering. Therefore, this article summarizes the relevant purchase principles from its composition, materials and functions for young parents' reference.

Top layer

The surface layer is the part that is in direct contact with human skin and should be dry, comfortable and soft. The surface layer material is fluffy, soft, and has good hydrophilicity, which ensures that the surface layer liquid penetrates multiple times, has fast penetration, less re-infiltration, and high absorption rate, so that the time when the liquid contacts the skin surface is short, dry and comfortable. The comfort of the surface material is ranked from good to bad: cotton soft non-woven fabric, hot air non-woven fabric, hot-rolled non-woven fabric.

Diversion layer

The diversion layer composed of special woven material, which is between the surface layer and the absorption layer, has the functions of quickly capturing liquid, temporarily storing liquid, preventing reverse osmosis and preventing side leakage. It can effectively help the liquid exit from the surface layer quickly and spread to the longitudinal distribution, so that the liquid quickly leaves the user's skin and is evenly absorbed by the core layer. Therefore, baby diaper will not concentrate liquid absorption, resulting in local thickening, which hinders the subsequent absorption of urine by the superabsorbent SPA (Super Absorbent Resin).

Absorbent core layer

The absorbent core layer is the most important layer of the four parts of baby diaper. It needs a large amount of absorption and strong water retention. It is usually composed of a mixture of fluff pulp and SPA. Fluff pulp differs from other absorbent pulps in that it acts like a conduit in the absorbent core. SPA is a special polymer material that can absorb hundreds to thousands of times of water, and under certain pressure, the absorbed water will not be squeezed out. Due to its high absorption, the amount of fluff pulp and the thickness of baby diaper are greatly reduced. Thin baby diaper is more comfortable to wear, and this level can be achieved by the reasonable design of the surface layer, the material of the absorptive layer and the absorbent core layer.

Bottom layer

Therefore, the reason why the bottom layer has the effect of preventing leakage is mainly that the breathable microporous film and the composite bottom film are its constituent materials. The microporous film increases the breathability of the bottom layer, and the material with good breathability is conducive to the dispersion of moisture in the diaper. The base material also needs to have good hydrostatic resistance to prevent liquid leakage. The anti-hydrostatic pressure performance of the bottom material is ranked from good to bad: PE film, composite breathable cotton soft bottom film, non-woven/PE film composite, PE perforated film, silk breathable bottom film.

The structure and purchase principles of baby diapers

On the basis of understanding the combination, materials and various parts of baby diapers, when purchasing products, we should not only pay attention to the appearance, but also pay attention to the interior You might as well choose several products to personally observe whether the touch is soft and comfortable, the length of liquid penetration on the surface, the absorption of the absorption layer and the permeability of the bottom layer. An important indicator of comfort is dryness, which mainly depends on the design of absorption core layer, diversion layer and the selection of bottom material. After use, pay attention to whether local skin is prone to rash or other problems. In addition, wearing baby diapers will form a humid environment, which is not conducive to skin health. Therefore, do not immediately replace the new product, give the skin time to breathe and keep the skin dry, which can reduce the disease of diaper eczema.


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