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Damages of baby pants containing dioxin

# baby pants

Baby underwear had been found to contain dioxin, causing confusion and even panic among consumers who were using the product. So, what is this dioxin that is so sacred? Why does it make consumers cringe? Let's discuss this compound together.

Baby pants Introduction

Dioxins are not one substance, but two organic compounds with very similar structures and properties, including 210 similar or isomeric compounds. This substance is not only very stable, but also colorless and odorless, and has a high melting point. Although it is insoluble in water, it is soluble in most organic solvents and easily accumulated in the body. It is also a highly toxic substance, 130 times more toxic than cyanide and 900 times more toxic than arsenic. Low concentrations can be lethal in animals.

Baby pants source

Data shows that dioxins are mainly harmful by-products of industrial production, such as smelting, bleaching paper or cloth, some herbicides, pesticides, etc. A smaller proportion comes from natural processes such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires. More than 90% comes from food, mainly animal food, such as meat, eggs, milk and aquatic products. 10% is ingested through breathing and skin contact. baby pants If dioxin remains, it can harm infants and young children through skin contact. At present, its testing standards are only for the atmosphere, and the testing standards in commodities can only be negotiated. There are only limited standards in the European Union, South Korea and Taiwan, of which the European Union is the most stringent. There is no limit standard in mainland China. In the production standards of Baby baby pants, there are only clear standards for product permeability, water absorption and pH value in contact with the body. Professionals said that the current corporate standards in the baby pants production area are higher than the national standard. If there is any pollution, it may be the residues in the bleaching process.

Contains two hmms of british harmfulness

Baby pants hazard

If humans are exposed to higher doses in the short term, it may cause skin damage such as chloracne and skin spots, as well as headaches, deafness, depression, insomnia, etc. Long-term exposure to low doses can damage the immune system, affect human development and neurodevelopment, and alter thyroid hormones, steroid hormones, and reproductive function. In severe cases, it can lead to heart failure and cancer. More attention needs to be paid to its toxicity to the fetus and infant, which is likely to lead to poor growth and infant disease. Japanese studies have shown that it causes a decrease in thyroid hormones in the baby's blood, as well as an increase in immune-related lymphocytes. The World Health Organization emphasizes that dioxin toxins are the most sensitive to development. So it's those babies who are mother-fed who are at the greatest risk.


Therefore, in the process of choosing baby underwear, we should polish our eyes and choose products with good reputation and excellent materials. And timely pay attention to the baby's reaction after wearing. In case of discomfort, get medical attention in time.


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