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Key points of design and manufacture of adult diaper cutter stick

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With the continuous improvement of living standards and the accompanying aging, the demand for adult diapers has increased rapidly in recent years, and the production speed of diaper production line has increased strongly. At present, the production speed is generally 150 pieces / min, and the market requirement is increased to more than 300 pieces / min. the biggest obstacle to improving the production speed is the formed cutter roller die. The die cutting roll of adult diaper roll is generally made of high-speed steel m2, and the fastest speed can only adapt to the production of less than 150 pieces / min. Due to the limitation of red hardness and wear resistance of M2, the speed exceeds 150 pieces / min. Due to the high-speed friction of the cutting edge, the temperature of the cutting roller will rise sharply, reducing the wear resistance of the cutting edge, resulting in rapid failure. The existing insert type knife bar film pressing can improve this defect, but before use, you may wish to understand its design and production points.

Material selection and collocation

The inserts are preferably made of imported powder metallurgy high-speed steel, while ordinary high-speed steel is used as the support ring of the M2 secondary function area, and the core shaft and matrix of the auxiliary function area are made of ordinary medium carbon alloy steel. Three kinds of materials are designed according to the actual function and performance requirements, so that each material can exert the maximum effect without waste, and save the expensive imported powder metallurgy materials to the maximum extent while guaranteeing the performance requirements.

Fixed design and assembly points

In order to ensure the rigidity of the blade, the fixing screws are distributed along the blade line, and the die blade line after unfolding is consistent with the shape of the product. When locking, first lock the screws close to the blade, and apply thread glue, so that the inserts are not deformed or loosened during locking and use.

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Design principles for equal parts of inserts

According to the roll specification and blade trajectory of the adult diaper cutter roll, by comparing the saved raw material cost and the increased processing cost, a reasonable aliquot form is finally determined: the roll diameter is 220~φ320mm, the roll diameter is 10 equal parts, any two inlaid The combined face passes through the center of the circle. The fixed aliquot form reduces the number of high-precision tooling required for the roll body and the corresponding tooling cost. Take the adult diaper-knife roll with a diameter of φ300mm as an example. Compared with an integral knife roll with the same diameter, the knife roll can save 69% of powder metallurgy raw materials. The larger the diameter, the higher the savings.

Design special tooling for grinding inserts

In order to ensure that the angle of the joint surface is consistent, special grinding fixtures with eight equal parts and ten equal parts are designed respectively, and process inserts are set to adjust the gap between the inserts to ensure that the gap tends to 0 infinitely, and the maximum does not exceed 0. 0.002mm, the roughness value of the joint surface shall not be higher than Ra0.04μm.


When configuring, the tolerances for each dimension and location should be recorded so that when the die line on the insert has a local collapse, tooth or break, it can be reused by simply replacing it to the original size, without the need to scrap it as a whole.


The hardness and toughness of the roll cutter are fully met in the production, and the service life of the roll cutter is maintained. It helps to optimize the manufacturing of adult diapers.


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