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Introduction of silk baby diapers

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It is widely used in the classification of non-woven and non-woven diapers, hot-rolled diapers, etc. Hot air nonwovens are characterized by fluffy, skin friendly and strong penetration, so they are widely used in sanitary products industry. For spunlaced nonwovens, hygiene makes it gradually occupy the mainstream in the field of disposable sanitary products. Next, we will introduce the technology of applying silk to baby diapers, that is, combining hot air technology and Spunlaced technology to produce products based on silk nonwovens.

Baby diaper nonwoven technology

Nonwoven technology is a material processing technology that originates from textiles but goes beyond textiles. Combining the processing technologies of four flexible materials of textile, paper, leather and plastic, the products are widely used, from aerospace, agriculture to medical care to disposable sanitary materials such as sanitary napkins and pads.

The data shows that my country's disposable hygiene material market has just entered a period of development, and consumer demand has grown tremendously. Disposable hygiene materials are not only limited to the use of people in specific industries, but have also been widely used in the medical and health system and some special industries. At the same time, with the change of consumption concept and the improvement of basic functions of sanitary products, consumers' pursuit of sanitary products, health care and comfort has also entered a higher stage. Therefore, functionally designed hygienic products came into being. Compared with ordinary products, they will pay more attention to user experience, such as adding labels to materials, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch baby diapers, baby diaper with health functions, etc.

Silk baby diapers

Main functions of silk baby diaper

The silk baby diaper and the non-woven fabric of the surface layer of the sanitary napkin contain silk fibers. Because it is a high-grade textile raw material, it has good strong elongation, fine fiber, softness, smoothness and elasticity. Sarcosine can prevent the skin aging process, can promote the healing of skin damage, and has a good therapeutic effect on a variety of common skin diseases. In addition, the absorbing and antibacterial properties of textile raw materials are far superior to those of man-made fibers such as cotton and hemp. Therefore, many companies are keen to develop silk series sanitary products. Compared with silk pads and sanitary napkins, the surface layer of silk baby diaper has the highest requirements on the water permeability, reverse osmosis and comfort performance of non-woven fabrics.


It can be seen that the characteristics of silk materials can well meet the requirements of baby diapers, pointing out a research direction for the majority of personnel in the sanitary products industry. At present, the product is not perfect, and there is still huge room for improvement.


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