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Assembly of sanitary pad equipment

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Introduction: Sanitary pad equipment assembly process is a key step in determining the quality of the repair, thus it is important to do the following aspects.

Key words: sanitary pad equipment assembly

(1) The assembly parts themselves must meet the specified technical requirements, and no substandard parts should be used. Therefore, the parts must be strictly checked before configuration.

(2) Be sure to choose the correct fit to meet the requirements of fit accuracy. This requirement can be met by selection, maintenance, adjustment, etc. The fit clearance should consider the effect of thermal expansion. For mating parts consisting of different coefficients of expansion, when the difference between ambient and operating temperatures during assembly is large, the resulting change in clearance should be compensated.

(3) Analyze and check the accuracy of the configuration dimensional chain through selection and adjustment to meet the accuracy requirements.

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(4) Deal with the order of configuration of the machine parts, the principle is: first inside and then outside, first difficult and then easy, first precise and then general.

(5) Select the appropriate way, equipment and tools.

(6) pay attention to the cleaning and lubrication of the parts. The assembled parts must first be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated with lubricants that meet the work requirements on the relative moving surfaces.

(7) Pay attention to the sealing in the assembly to prevent three leaks. The specified sealing structure and sealing material must not use any substitute. Pay attention to the quality and cleanliness of the sealing surface. Pay attention to the way and tightness of seals, static seals can be sealed with appropriate sealant.

(8) Pay attention to the installation requirements of the locking device in accordance with the safety regulations.

(9) Pay attention to the quality inspection in the middle of installation.


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