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Introduction of functional pads

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The most important role of the pads is to quickly absorb menstrual blood. With the continuous update and iteration of the product, in order to improve the selling point of the product, the functional pads came out. Such functional products include antibacterial and germicidal products, products that claim to whiten, firm and firm the skin, and products that contain negative ions for pain relief. The function of the product is mainly to process the chips according to the raw materials and functions of the product surface, and spray the liquid or powder on the product.

Functional pads fabric

Some fiber cloths (such as bamboo charcoal fibers) have a bactericidal effect; mulberry silk has a bactericidal effect; the bactericidal effect cannot be tested on-site according to the product, but can be certified in the laboratory.

Functional pads chip

There are too many functional aunt towel chips, which can form various functions. Such as negative ion processing chips, magnetization, far infrared, nano silver ions, etc.; there are also red bean shirt, sodium alginate, SOD, diatom, theanine, moxa, etc. At present, the main channels for adding functional pads chips to products are micro-business and direct-selling products, and the relative relationship between traditional shopping malls and supermarkets is very small. In the above publicity plan, the equipment can be used to detect negative ions immediately, and the selling points of other functional products can be tested in the laboratory and the test report will be provided.

Although functional pads can meet the needs of various groups of people, they must be purchased from formal channels. Do not trust unknown sources.


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